International Executive Council Meeting

The International Executive Council (IEC), is the highest decision-making body of ICID. It is vested with the management of the affairs of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. All matters of policy that may be initiated or sponsored by any member National Committee or Office Bearer or by the Management Board comes under its purview. It may itself initiate and determine or otherwise advise and lay down any policies, decisions pertaining to the matters of strategic importance. The Council will also consider what action, if any, need be taken on the recommendations or conclusions of the studies, experiments or discussions organized by the Commission. All matters affecting the executive or administrative functions and financial liabilities of ICID must come up before the Council and its decision shall be conclusive. The Central Office of ICID shall act as an instrument for carrying into effect all decisions taken by the Council.

The 71st International Executive Council Meeting and 5th African Regional Conference scheduled in December 2020 is cancelled due to the global spread of COVID-19 and the measures taken by national and local authorities to contain the spread of the disease. Since IEC meeting is mandatory to be held annually, ICID Management Board at its virtual meeting held on 17 September 2020 decided ICID Central Office to host the meeting on virtual platform in two sessions of two hours each on two consecutive days (7th and 8th December 2020). A detailed circular will be sent to all National Committees, Office Bearers, and partner organizations shortly.


The Council consists of Office Bearers and one duly appointed representative from each National Committee. The appointed representatives of the National Committees and the Office Bearers attending a meeting shall constitute the membership of the Council for that meeting. IEC meetings are held annually usually before the respective year's flagship event like ICID Congress and WIF. Annual IEC meeting is always preceded by the annual meeting of various technical working group/ task teams, and meetings of various work bodies such as PCSO, PCTA, PFC, etc.


The Central Office in consultation with the Office Bearers and Chairs of respective workbodies prepares agenda and the proceedings of all meetings of the Council. An agenda for the annual meetings comprises annotated agenda notes for the International Executive Council (IEC) meeting; Work body Meetings under Permanent Committee on Strategy and Organization (PCSO), under Permanent Committee for Technical Activities (PCTA); and Permanent Finance Committee (PFC).

Agenda is prepared well in advance of the meeting and posted on the Commission’s website for information of all concerned.

Minutes of a meeting, typically describe the events of the meeting, starting with a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses or decisions for the issues. After a meeting of the Council, the Secretary General ensures the preparation of the draft Minutes containing a gist of the important discussions and full texts of the decisions made and of the resolutions passed. The amended minutes are finalized and then taken as the confirmed minutes, which are posted on the Commission’s website and also printed and distributed among all National Committees, Chairs of Workbodies and Office Bearers.


In an effort to contribute to the global efforts towards reduction in green house gases and to save trees, we seek your cooperation to reduce paper consumption at the IEC meetings. We request you to; please download the annotated Agenda for various meetings from the provided hyperlinks and use the electronic copy of the Agenda during the meetings.


forthcoming event(s) -

Date Details Location/Country
Dec 07, 2020 - Dec 08, 2020 71st IEC Meeting
(ICID Central Office to host the meeting on virtual platform in two sessions of two hours each on two consecutive days (7th and 8th December 2020)

Contact : ICID Central Office
Email :,
New Delhi, India
On Virtual Platform
Jul 06, 2021 - Jul 12, 2021 72nd IEC Meeting
Contact : Ms. Christine Delphin Business Administration Manager Irrigation Australia Ltd Secretariat, Irrigation Australia's Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IACID) 11/58 Metroplex Ave.,Murarrie, QLD 4172 PO Box 13, Cannon Hill, 4170
Email :,
Fax : (07) 3517 4010
Tel. : (07) 3517 4000, (07) 3517 4002
Website :
Sydney, Australia
Sep 01, 2022 - Sep 07, 2022 73rd IEC Meeting
Contact : Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CNCID)
Email :,,,
Resources : Dates to be announced
Beijing, China

Past Event(s)+

Past International Executive Council (IEC) Meetings

Corporate / Institutional
Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP), India
India Water Foundation, India
WAPCOS Limited, India
Asian Development Bank (ADB), Philippines
Ningbo Yaofeng Hydraulic Electrics Co., Ltd., China
Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management, Austria
Agriculture Growth of Rural India, India
Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA), India
Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates