Regional Conferences

ICID’s mission is to exchange knowledge and technology to promote water security, sustainable rural development and increased crop yields to feed the world. In this endeavor, it has established various regional networks and Working Groups (WGs) for bridging the communication process and promoting stronger networks among the countries in the region as well as international institutions for enhancing cooperation and coordination. To strengthen transboundary and regional cooperation, ICID periodically organizes exclusive regional conferences on topics of global importance.

Broadly bifurcated into four regional areas namely, 

these regional conferences, provide a common platform for countries to come together and deliberate on issues of mutual concerns respective to their own areas.  They are generally organized with a preceding Council meeting but are also organized as a standalone event.  

a Member

Membership consists of National Committees who represent their...

Corporate / Institutional
Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP), India
India Water Foundation, India
WAPCOS Limited, India
Ningbo Yaofeng Hydraulic Electrics Co., Ltd., China
Dayu Water-Saving Group Co. Ltd., China
Electrosteel Castings Limited, India
Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management, Austria
Agriculture Growth of Rural India, India
Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA), India
Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates