(1) The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is a leading scientific, technical, and professional not-for-profit international organization working in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management to the promote and achieve sustainable agriculture water management.  As a knowledge-sharing platform, we are dedicated to improving the status of agricultural water management practices including rain-fed agriculture, supplemental irrigation, deficit irrigation and full irrigation. Our other core activities focus on the drainage of agricultural lands and the management of extreme climate events such as flood and droughts.

(2) ICID brings together various stakeholders and experts from various disciplines on an international platform to deliberate on technical, agronomic, socio-economic, environmental and managerial complexities for the development, management and operation of irrigation, drainage and flood management works. The aim is to attain sustainable agriculture water management through exchange of experiences, ideas, good practices and promoting them widely among the member countries and stakeholders. As a knowledge hub, ICID through its technical working groups generates knowledge by compiling and collating research data and disseminating them to all stakeholders through various channels. 

(3) ICID organises International Congresses, Regional Conferences, and Special Technical Sessions. So far, 70 International Executive Council (IEC), 23 highly successful International Congresses, 10 Afro-Asian Regional Conferences, 26 European Regional Conferences, 2 Special Technical Sessions, 4 Pan-American Regional Conferences and 13 International Drainage Workshops (IDW), 8 Asian Regional Conferences, 4 African Regional Conferences and 3 World Irrigation Forums were successfully held.

(4) The ICID Executive Council at its 63rd meeting held at Adelaide, Australia in June 2012 approved the organization of a World Irrigation Forum (WIF) with a view to attract the full spectrum of stakeholders – from farmers up to policy level. The WIFs will be held triennially. Accordingly, the 2nd World Irrigation Forum was held at Chiang Mai, Thailand in November 2016, which was attended by over 1200 participants from 56 countries while the 3rd World Irrigation Forum was held at Bali, Indonesia in September 2019 wherein around 1500 participants were attended. The forthcoming technical conferences of ICID are as follows:

  • 71st IEC Meeting & 5th African Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage.  Tentatively in first week of December 2020. Website:
  • 24th ICID Congress and 72nd IEC Meeting. Rescheduled to 6-12 July 2021, Sydney, Australia. Website:

(5) Experts from all over the world participate at ICID Congresses / Irrigation Fora and Conferences and are available for consultation and exchange of views on problems particularly facing the developing countries. ICID membership covers over 90% of the irrigated area in the world.

(6) ICID also invites private companies, institutions and individuals involved in agriculture water management to join as “Direct Member”. By joining ICID, individuals, companies and institutions working or dealing with irrigation, drainage and flood-related issues would be part of an international network which offers opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with others and to establish partnerships; stay informed on recent irrigation, drainage and flood management news and events through Commission’s publications; make their voice heard and contribute to improved understanding among stakeholders, while enabling new ideas on water policy etc.

(7) Meetings of International Executive Council (IEC) which comprises representatives from ICID member countries and over 25 technical committees / workbodies take place annually by rotation in one of the member countries where top experts from all over the world gather, providing an excellent forum for interaction and deliberations.  Study Tours are also part of all the major ICID events.  Participants will get an opportunity to be part of the technical study tours organized by the host National Committee.

(8) ICID helps in organisation of seminars/workshops, on problems facing a country, with the assistance of international bodies like World Bank, FAO, IWMI, WMO, ADB, GWP, IFPRI, ICRISAT, AARDO, DWFI, AWC, WWC and others.

(9) ICID helps to explore financial assistance from donor organisations for delegates from developing countries to attend ICID Congresses / Irrigation Fora and other ICID meetings; and also for organising special ICID meetings.

(10) With the closing of the FAO initiated programme IPTRID, ICID adopted the concept of International Program for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID) by setting up of Nodal Centres at China and Iran with the support from their respective Governments.

(11) ICID sponsors/organises workshops on specific subjects. So far 13 International Drainage Workshops and other workshops have been held.

(12) ICID brings out highly informative and useful special publications and Forum / Congress transactions from time to time in which the rich experience of other countries is reported on topical problems.

(13) ICID, through M/s. Wiley-Blackwell (UK), publishes (five issues in a year) a peer reviewed technical journal 'Irrigation and Drainage', carrying selected articles for its members <>. Some Special Issues are also brought out to focus on hot issues of the period. The annual 'Best Paper Award' has also been instituted. The biggest benefit is that a member country (National Committee) gets 5 free hard copies + 5 on-line access to ICID Journal for all WG members from that country. Many a times, the market value of all the copies of the Journal that a country gets, exceeds the concerned ICID subscription.

A quarterly ICID News (ICID Newsletter renamed as “ICID News”  published in English, French, Spanish languages and a monthly News Updates are also published for its members. A weekly e-Bulletin in English is also brought out and circulated to ICID members as well as to the subscribers. Some of the publications have received worldwide appreciation. They include Irrigation and Drainage in the World - A Global Review (3 volumes), A Global Review on Flood Control in the World (2 volumes) - A Worldwide Survey on Irrigation and Salinity, Environmental Checklist, and ICID-World Bank Guide 'Planning the Management, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems'. The ICID Multilingual Technical Dictionary (revised in 2010) has been translated into 14 languages. Some publications are also brought out in cooperation / collaboration with other international organizations such as FAO. An ICID-FAO publication on Management of Agricultural Drainage Water Quality and second ICID "WatSave Scenario" has been published. ICID has published numerous publications over the years. Some select publications are listed below:

(14) ICID collaborates with several international water related organisations on issues of topical interest and importance. The outcomes of such deliberations are presented to the International Executive Council and communicated to all ICID member countries regularly.

(15) ICID Young Professional’s e-Forum (IYPeF): IYPeF established as a LinkedIn Group that provides an international platform to young engineers/ scientists/ professionals for their career development in the areas of agriculture water management. IYPeF also provides an opportunity to young professionals to engage, network and share their experiences and also learn from the experiences of experts. The e-Forum is available at LinkedIn Group ( Click to join

(16) ICID promotes broadbasing of its constituent member National Committees through involvement of professionals from different disciplines and organisations. Mutual co-operation/collaboration of National Committees is encouraged. It is observed that participants in these Committees benefit from the wider peer group that is provided by co-operation under the ICID umbrella, both at home and abroad. A number of Committees have developed under this umbrella into strong autonomous organizations with their own programs and an ever-broadening membership of all the key stakeholders. To provide further encouragement to Member Committees' development, a 'Best Performing National Committee Award' has been instituted. Similarly, to give a further impetus to the activities of the technical workbodies, a `Best Performing Workbody Award' has also been instituted.

(17) With the objective to promote sustainable irrigation and enhanced agriculture production to achieve food security around the world, ICID has instituted the World Irrigation and Drainage Prize (WID Prize) and recognizes the contributions made by an individual or an institution in the field of Irrigation and Drainage that have far reaching and wide impacts. The Prize includes a cash award of US $10,000 and a ‘Citation Plaque’ citing the meritorious achievements of the winner which will be awarded during the triennial World Irrigation Forum. The first WID Prize was awarded to Prof. Victor A. Dukhovny (Uzbekistan) at the 1st World Irrigation Forum held at Mardin, Turkey for his outstanding contributions to the development of agriculture water management for over 57 years. The 2nd WID Prize was awarded to Prof. Bart Schultz (The Netherlands) at Chiang Mai, Thailand for his sustained, long standing and highly committed work to irrigation and drainage sector worldwide through education, research, planning and international project implementation. The 3rd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Chandra Madramootoo (Canada) at Bali, Indonesia for his contribution in domains of water management, irrigation, drainage, agricultural research and hydrology.

(18) ICID has initiated a scheme in 2014 during the 65th IEC meeting held at Gwangju, Korea for Recognition of “Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS) with an objective to trace the history of and understanding the evolution of irrigation in the civilizations across the world; to select and collect information on historical irrigation structures from around the world, understand their significant achievements and gather knowledge about the unique features that have sustained the project for such a long period; to learn the philosophy and wisdom on sustainable irrigation from these countries; and to protect/preserve these historical irrigation structures. 

(19) Through communications, the member National Committees are apprised of ICID's Strategy and Position/ Stand on important water-related issues which help them to formulate activities in their countries.

(20) At the time of the International Congress of ICID triennially, 'N.D. Gulhati Memorial Lecture for International Cooperation' is delivered by an eminent and distinguished personality, bringing out significant developments in irrigation and drainage engineering, including all allied aspects like environment, sociology, economics, etc. For more information, please visit

(21) ICID has, through its conferences and meetings addressed the challenges facing irrigated agriculture in the increased competition for water. Official statements and declarations have been issued setting out action plans to promote and increase the conservation of water. WatSave brings together all the major irrigated countries in the world to promote progress in this area. Special WatSave Awards for technology, management, young professionals, and for farmer who have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the conservation of water in irrigation, are also presented.

(22) ICID is very active on World Wide Web and Social Media to disseminate its knowledge.  The main highlights of website include ICID Newsupdate, ICID News, Online library, Multilingual Technical Dictionary, Products & Services, information related to NCs, partner organisations etc.  Recently, ICID introduced webinar and a total of 21 webinar were organized as part of this initiative.  Live recordings are available on ICID website  ICID has also launched e-Learning system to help members to upgrade their skills.

(23) ICID welcomes participation of committed irrigation professionals from all disciplines and invites all countries to participate in its activities in pursuit of its fundamental objectives.

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