Permanent Committee on Strategy and Organization

The strategic and organizational issues of the ICID are addressed by the Permanent Committee on Strategy and Organization (PCSO).

The Committee provides the platform to set the strategic directions for the Commission and deals with, among others, ways to expand the ICID fraternity, means to enhance the membership of the Commission, assist the National Committees to broad-base their activities, work on issues of various regions and specific associations with continents and countries, involvement of Young Professional's in the irrigation, drainage and flood management sector in general, and in the activities of the Commission in particular.

On the basis of demography, different hydrological and climatic conditions at hand, the committee is divided into four regional groups, which are responsible for each of their region’s activities and are coordinated by the respective Regional Working Group members. They are named after four major regions viz. Africa, America (North & South), Asia (including Oceania), and Europe:

Besides regional working groups, PCSO also addresses the issues in the

PCSO also oversees the organizational issues related to the ICID Triennial Congresses.

In addition to the below membership, Secretary General, ICID is the Member-Secretary, and FAO, World Bank, GWP, WWC representatives are Permanent Observers. All Strategy Theme Leaders and Chairs of all Workbodies under PCTA. Ex-Officio Members.


Mandate: The Committee shall be concerned with increasing the number of member countries and assisting the National Committees to become more active in their own countries to achieve the goals set for them from time to time. The Committee will also undertake issues related to strategic planning for ICID. The Committee will coordinate the activities of Vice Presidents in their areas.
Established : 1989
Sl. No. Name Country Membership
1 Dr. Brian T. Wahlin United States of America Chair
2 Ms. Kathleen Murray Australia Vice Chair
3 Er. A.B. Pandya India Member
4 Mr. Ahmed EL BOUARI Morocco Member
5 Dr. Marco Arcieri Italy Member
6 Dr. Kamran Emami Iran Member
7 Dr. Mrs. Irene Bondarik Russia Member
8 Mr. Madhav Belbase, J S, WECS Nepal Member
9 Mr. Naoki HAYASHIDA Japan Member
10 Dr. K. Yella Reddy, FIE India Member
11 Mr. Kadhim Mohsin Ahmed Iraq Member
12 Dr. Ir. Basuki Hadimoeljono Indonesia Member
13 Mr. Waseem Nazir Pakistan Member


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[Erstwhile Permanent Committee on Strategy Planning and Organizational Affairs (PCSPOA), renamed at 61st IEC Meeting, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2010]

a Member

Membership consists of National Committees who represent their...

Corporate / Institutional
Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP), India
India Water Foundation, India
WAPCOS Limited, India
Ningbo Yaofeng Hydraulic Electrics Co., Ltd., China
Dayu Water-Saving Group Co. Ltd., China
Electrosteel Castings Limited, India
Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management, Austria
Agriculture Growth of Rural India, India
Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA), India
Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates