International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Computation of Annual Subscription

(A) Fixed Basic Subscription

(B) Interest of the Country

(C) Capacity to Pay

(D) Concession


Please use [TAB] key after every cell to see the results and move to next field. OR Press Calculation Subscription Button
(1) Weighted Benefit Area (A) is calculated in Million Hectares as follows:
if IA > DA then A = IA + 0.05(DA)
If DA > IA then A = DA + 0.05(IA)

For generating information related to (B) Interest of the Country, information pertaining to the Irrigated Area (IA) and Drained Area (DA) are extracted from the ICID database.
For (C) Capacity to Pay, information extracted from the latest available Assessment of Member States' contribution to the United Nations Regular Budget (UNC) for the year 2022 in per cent.
In case of any change in the above information, please feel free to update the respective field(s) to generate the subscription estimate.

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