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Best Performing Workbody

ICID presents the Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA) triennially at the time of every ICID Congress, based on the performance and various other facets demonstrated by the Workbody in between two Congresses. Since the 18th ICID Congress held in Montreal, Canada in July 2002, BPWA has acknowledged the contributions of the well-performing workbodies that are not adequately recognized. Such awards in BPWA series have been presented to the Working Group on History of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control (WG-HIST), ICID Journal Editorial Board (EB-JOUR), Working Group on Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas (WG-SDTA), and Working Group on On-Farm Irrigation Systems (WG-ON-FARM) in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014, respectively for their excellent performance, impressive achievements, and outstanding contributions.

Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA) Scheme

The Award comprises of a Citation / Certificate / Plaque to active members of the workbody. The award is adjudicated by a panel of judges. For more details, please see Scheme and Nomination form attached below. The nominations are invited at the beginning of every Congress year. The completed nomination form along with relevant material has to be submitted and sent to ICID Central Office, New Delhi by 30th June of the respective year. 


Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA) - SCHEME



Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA) - NOMINATION FORM



6th Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA-6) 2020

BPWA-6 will be presented during the 24th ICID International Congress and 71st IEC Meeting held from 22-28 September 2020, Sydney, Australia. The Chairs of ICID Work bodies and current Office Bearers are requested to submit the candidature of their work bodies. They may submit the nomination of their work body by providing the information supported by relevant documents to ICID Central Office by 30th June 2020.

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