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As an international water network, ICID is associated with thousands of water-sector professionals and many organizations globally, which includes governments, non-government organizations, corporate leaders, research institutions, international organizations, and regional grass-roots corporations. Our members, National committees (NC)s, ICID personnel and the organization itself collaborates as well as participates in many such events throughout the year. Other than ICID's flagship activities, the commission is also involved in different avenues, some of them are stated below

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Date Details Location/Country
May 06, 2023 - May 07, 2023 3rd International Baghdad Water Conferencepdf_icon
Theme - Water Scarcity, the Marshes of Mesopotamia, and the Shatt Al-Arab Environment is Everyone's Responsibility
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Website :
Royal Tulip Al-Rasheed Hotel, Iraq
Aug 21, 2023 - Aug 25, 2023 40th IAHR World Congresspdf_icon
Theme - Rivers - Connecting Mountains and Coasts
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Website :
Vienna, Austria
Oct 29, 2023 - Nov 02, 2023 Cairo Water Week 2023pdf_icon
Theme - Action on Water Adaptation for Sustainability
Sub-Theme 1: Theme 1: Green water for restoring freshwater ecosystems and adapting to changing climates.
Sub-Theme 2: Theme 2: Cooperative analysis of River basin scale adaptation and mitigation options.
Sub-Theme 3: Theme 3: Support co-benefits of water management adaptation actions and economic growth.
Sub-Theme 4: Theme 4: Improving early warning systems for severe weather events and prolonged droughts. and Sub Theme 5: Integration of water resources policies with the national sustainable development vision.
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Cairo, Egypt
Mar 03, 2024 - Mar 06, 2024 Responsible Water Management and Circular Economypdf_icon
Theme - Responsible Water Management and Circular Economy
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Tel. : +91 1332 285872
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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee-247667, Uttarakhand, India

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