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As an international water network, ICID is associated with thousands of water-sector professionals and many organizations globally, which includes governments, non-government organizations, corporate leaders, research institutions, international organizations, and regional grass-roots corporations. Our members, National committees (NC)s, ICID personnel and the organization itself collaborates as well as participates in many such events throughout the year. Other than ICID's flagship activities, the commission is also involved in different avenues, some of them are stated below

forthcoming event(s) -

Date Details Location/Country
May 18, 2024 - May 25, 2024 10th World Water Forum - 2024pdf_icon
Email :,
Website :
Bali, Indonesia
Sep 17, 2024 - Sep 21, 2024 8th India Water Week 2024pdf_icon
Theme - Partnerships and Cooperation for Inclusive Water Development and Management
Contact : India Water Week Secretariat, National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Room No. 212, Second Floor, Palika Bhawan, Sector - 13, RK Puram, New Delhi-110066
Email :,
Tel. : +91-11-24121759, 24122379, 24195734; Mob.:+91-9868847750
Website :
New Delhi, India
Oct 29, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024 Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Wastewater Reusepdf_icon
Theme - Multiple uses related to the reuse of treated wastewater and "non-conventional" waters at various scales, from individual households to territories
Topics - Rainwater and greywater for uses at the residential and neighborhood level;
Wastewater from treatment plants for agricultural irrigation or urban purposes to clean or green cities and fight against heat islands;
Drainage water for irrigation;
Water for agro-industrial and agro-food uses.
Email :,
Website :
Others : The aim of the conference is to share the experiences and viewpoints of these different players on Reuse in the Mediterranean and Europe, in terms of feedback (success stories but also analysis of failures), outlook and different methodological approaches linked to the design, operationalization and evaluation of Reuse projects.
The conference welcomes contributions from experts in consulting firms, innovative companies, managers, local authorities, water resource planning services, agricultural professionals, and scientists.
The conference is co-organized by AFEID, the IREUSE Network of INRAE and the Chair Water&Agriculture and Climate Change.
Resources : Call for Papers ;
Montpellier, France
Jan 11, 2026 - Jan 17, 2026 2026 ASABE Global Symposium on Sustainable Microirrigation Advances in Academia, Research, Industry & Outreach - From Drop to Boom: Land, Water, Energy, Climate, & Food Securitiespdf_icon
Email :;,
Website :
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, USA
Oct 13, 2924 - Oct 17, 2024 Cairo Water Week 2024pdf_icon
Theme - Water and Climate: Building Resilient Communities
Sub-Theme 1: Transboundary Water Governance for Sustainable Development
Sub-Theme 2: Strategic Water Resources Management in Enhancing Community Resilience
Sub-Theme 3: Innovation and Financing Resilient Solutions for Water Security
Sub-Theme 4: Actions for Water and Climate Adaptations and Resilience; and Sub-Theme 5: Climate-Smart Communities Planning and Legislation
Website :
Cairo, Egypt

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