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World Irrigation Forum

The triennial World Irrigation Forum (WIF) aims to bring together all the stakeholders relevant to the field of irrigation, drainage and other aspects of water management.

WIF is a multi-sectoral platform creating avenues for discussions and engagement for everyone, the governments of relevant countries, policymakers the multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations, civil society institutions, the grass-root farmers as well as corporate leaders. Every WIF attracts veterans, experts, and acclaimed researchers and academicians from various sectors to bring all possible issues and forthcoming solutions to the forum concerning the sector. In fact, in its second-year only, WIF2 was held at Bali, Indonesia in 2019 and witnessed a footfall of over fifteen hundred participants. 

In the face of depleting freshwater resources, a growing population, and emerging global health concerns as a result of global warming and climate change, WIF provides an open space for the world irrigation community and interested development professionals to find solutions to problems plaguing the agriculture and water landscape globally. A unique platform for sharing and learning by engaging and in the process creating knowledge and disseminating it globally. 

The World Irrigation Forum stimulates and promotes collaborative actions and discussions towards sustainable solutions to water management in agriculture. Core activities covered under WIF are

  • Exchange of latest irrigation and drainage policies, practices, innovations, and technologies;
  • Exploring and formulating concrete inter-disciplinary proposals;
  • Development of liaison/ collaboration among various national / international institutions/ organizations/ private sector working for irrigated agriculture; and
  • Advocacy for political commitments


Due to unavoidable circumstances, the World Irrigation Forum 4 planned at Beijing in April 2023 has to be postponed to 2027. With this, the World Irrigation Forum planned at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2025 is now re-designated as World Irrigation Forum 4. The World Irrigation Forum to be held in 2027 in China is now re-designated as World Irrigation Forum 5. As a consequence of the long delay, the Theme and sub-themes for the World Irrigation Forum (China) are also under reconsideration. The themes for the World Irrigation Forum 4 (Kuala Lumpur) are still under finalization.

All contributors to the different World Irrigation Forums are requested to await further announcements for planning their contributions to the events.


forthcoming event(s) -

Date Details Location/Country
Sep 07, 2025 - Sep 13, 2025 4th World Irrigation Forum (WIF4)pdf_icon
.4th World Irrigation Forum (WIF4).

Theme - Is Irrigation a sunset industry?
Sub-Theme 1: Challenges of irrigation and drainage for food security in the changing world
Sub-Theme 2: Technology and modernization in the agricultural sector towards food security
Sub-Theme 3: Innovative policy, service delivery, and financing mechanisms to meet the challenges of the Future
Sub-Theme 4: Nature-based solutions in agriculture to foster ecological resilience
NC Contact : Ir. Yuslina Binti Hj. Mohd Sani, Chairperson, Malaysian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (MANCID)
Director, Division of Irrigation and Agriculture Drainage, C/o Drainage and Irrigation Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry Malaysia, 2nd Floor, Galeria PJH No. 29 Precint 4, 62570 Putrajaya
Email :;,
Tel. : +603-8894 3000
Website :
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jan 01, 2027 - Jan 01, 2027 5th World Irrigation Forum (WIF5)pdf_icon
.5th World Irrigation Forum (WIF5).

Theme - Modernization of Irrigation Systems
NC Contact : , ,
Email :,,,
Fax : +86 10 6878 1153
Tel. : +86 10 6878 1193
Guoce International Conference & Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

Past Event(s)+

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