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European Regional Conference

ICID does not limit its activities to global arena only; its focus permeates to regional level too.  ICID organizes Regional Conferences on themes of interest to its members in a particular region.  These Regional Conferences, viz. Asian Regional Conference, European Regional Conference, African Regional Conference and Pan-American Regional Conference provide a common platform to countries in these regions to address the issues and problems specific to that particular region.  The Regional Conferences are generally organized alongside an IEC but can well be a standalone event.  

The 26th European Regional Conference (The Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference on Irrigation) was hosted by French National Committee (AFEID) at Montpellier, France, 2015 with theme “Innovate to improve irrigation performance” deliberated on a number of interesting topics such as ‘Drip Irrigation’; ‘Wastewater use in agriculture’; and ‘Water Governance’. One of the major attractions of the event was the Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in irrigation which aimed at presenting and discussing contrasted PPP experiences in irrigation, some of which seen as success and others as failures, so as to identify the conditions under which financial and institutional arrangements should be defined in order to meet the objectives of the different stakeholders involved.


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