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International Micro Irrigation Conference

International Micro Irrigation Congress was launched in the year 1971, later re-named as  International Micro Irrigation Conference in 2012. Micro-irrigation is the most efficient method of water application to crops; however, due to its technicalities and complex design, operation and maintenance features, it has not been accepted worldwide at a requisite pace. In order to promote the use of micro-irrigation techniques and encourage advanced ideations and methods, the conference is organized, especially in developed countries. ICID volunteered to organize the event commencing from the 5th International Micro Irrigation Congress held at South Africa in 2000 with the objective of creating awareness among its members about the latest developments in micro irrigation technology to enhance sustainable and efficient crop production. The latest 10th International Micro Irrigation Conference was held at Dakhla, Morocco in January 2023. 

The 10th International Micro Irrigation Conference was successfully organized and hosted by the Moroccan National Committee (ANAFIDE) from 25-27 January 2023 at Dakhla in Southern Morocco on the theme “Micro-irrigation in the Era of Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation”. The event was attended by professionals from around the world. [Read More...]





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