International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

9th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
9th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
Theme - Theme: Not Available
Question 30: Sediment controlling irrigation intake structures
Question 31: Planning of development of ground water for irrigation.
Question 32: Comparison of advanced methods of irrigation including development of irrigation by pumping.
Special Session - Special Session: Environmental control for irrigation, drainage and flood control projects
Symposium - Symposium: Introduction of automatic facilities for the needs of collecting and processing of information, planning and managing in the fields of irrigation and drainage
NC Contact : Dr. (Mrs.) Irena G. Bondarik, Secretary General, National Committee of the Russian Federation on Irrigation and Drainage (RUCID) VNIIGiM, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Room 410, B. Akademicheskaya ul. 44 bl. 2, 127550, Moscow
Date : Jul 28, 1975 - Aug 02, 1975
Location : Moscow, USSR , Russia

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