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The Asian continent has the highest area under irrigation viz. 225 Mha, which is about 41% of its arable land. Also, this is where about 60% of the whole world population lives. India (67 Mha), China (65 Mha) alone account for 59% of the irrigated area in Asia. Eight countries (India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey and Bangladesh) account for 82% of the total irrigated land in Asia. Five most populous countries (China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) out of the top 10 in the world are from Asia accounting for 45% of the world population. To feed this ever increasing population, food production needs to be doubled. And that is only possible by water resources development and management.

To fulfill the task of doubling the food production in the region, the NCs from Asian region have formed the Asian Regional Working Group (ASRWG) to focus on numerous hot topics of the current importance. Recently, the Asian Regional Task Force on Climate Change (ARTF-CC), established under ASRWG, compiled a report titled "Climate change adaptation for irrigation and drainage in Asia" which was presented at the sixth world water forum held in Marseille in March 2012. Earlier a symposium on "climate change impacts on soil and water resources" was organized by the group at Tehran, Iran in 2011. In 2008, the group also brought out a ‘Report on ICID Task Force for Least Developed Countries in Asia’.

Besides organizing the Asian regional conferences on topics of current importance, the group enhances linkages with regional and transnational organizations for co-operation and transfer of technology in irrigation and drainage with aim to increase the food production.

In addition to the below membership, National Committees of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Philippines nominated their representatives.


Mandate: The general objective of the Asian Regional Working Group is to focus on common topics and issues and to enhance the transfer of appropriate technology in irrigation and drainage to and from the Asian Region. The mission of ASRWG is to encourage membership and to coordinate activities in the region.
Established : 1996
Sl. No. Name Email Country Position
1 Prof. Dr. Tsugihiro WATANABE Japan Chair
2 Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar India Vice Chair
3 Dr. Aynur Fayrap Turkey Secretary
4 Dr. Rajinder Kumar Gupta India Member
5 Mr. Arthon Suttigarn Thailand Member
6 Prof. Gwo-Hsing   Yu, Ph.D. Chinese Taipei Committee Member
7 Prof. (Ms.) Kyung Sook Choi South Korea Member
8 Ir. Syed Abdul Hamid bin Syed Shuib Malaysia Member
9 Mr. Ilkhom Juraev Usmonovich Uzbekistan Member
10 Prof. Wang Aiguo China Member
11 Mr. Bashu Dev Lohanee Nepal Member
12 Eng. W.B. Palugaswewa Sri Lanka Member
13 Ir. Felipe Dantas Australia Member
14 Mr. Stephen Mills Australia Member
15 Dr. Ray Shyan Wu Chinese Taipei Committee Member
16 Dr. Wen-Pen Shu Chinese Taipei Committee Member
17 Dr. Mochammad Amron Indonesia Member
18 Dr. Karim Shiati Iran Member
19 Mr. Naoki HAYASHIDA Japan Member
20 Mr. RYU Jeon Yong South Korea Member
21 Ir. Hj AHMAD BIN DARUS Malaysia Member
22 Dr. (Ms.) Mu Mu Than Myanmar Member
23 Mr. Ahmed Kamal Pakistan Member
24 Dr. Dao Trong Tu Vietnam Member


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