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Since 1951, ICID has been organizing its flagship event ‘International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage’ triennially. Since its inception, each year, the congress poses certain questions highlighting the prevalent issues of the time to be addressed by the experts in particular and in general, the stakeholders involved in the field of irrigation, drainage, agriculture water management, flood control, and so forth. 

So far, ICID has held 23 Triennial Congresses, the most recent one being, the 23rd ICID Congress held in Mexico City in October 2017. The 24th ICID Congress will be held at Adelaide, Australia in 2022 on the theme “Innovation and research in agriculture water management to achieve sustainable development goals”.

With time, the topics of discussion in Congress have ranged from addressing the problems related with irrigation infrastructures such as dam construction and safety, maintenance of canals, economics and financing of irrigation and flood control works, rehabilitation and modernization of irrigation and drainage systems, groundwater recharge, water management and institutional aspects, the sustainability of irrigation and farmer participation, food production under water scarcity, poverty alleviation and various environmental challenges. Moving forward, the ICID Congress continues to strive to discuss the state-of-the-art innovation and research in the area of irrigation and drainage. 

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(a) Representatives from previous events are required to present a summary report to the first meeting of C-CONGR following their event that includes attendance, financial performance and recommendations for future events. This requirement should be a condition of the LoA.; (b) National Committees wishing to hold a future Congress/WIF/Regional Conference must make a report to C-CONGR outlining their plans including location, dates, expected attendance, financial budget, registration fees etc. C-CONGR will consider these reports and make a recommendation to PCSO whether to grant the event to the NC.
New membership composition: (a) A Chair who is a representative from the Organizing Committee (OC) of the next Congress; (b) Two further members from the National Committee for the next Congress and a YP representative, if available; (c) A representative from each of the confirmed future ICID events (Congress/WIF/Regional Conferences); (d) A representative from the previous Congress; (e) A representative from ICID CO who will also provide secretarial services.

Established : 1990

Chairman Message

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The Committee on Congresses/Conferences was established in 1990 and provides an important function to ensure that the ICID community has the benefit of learning from the experience of others who have held similar events. These experiences and lessons learnt assist ICID members to ensure that they have the benefit of this knowledge when applying for and hosting future events. C-CONGR is able to make recommendations to improve the conduct of World Irrigation Forums, Congresses, Conferences and Regional Events. Host countries participate on C-CONGR prior to their event and then share their experience and feedback to the committee after the event is held.

Kushvinder Vohra

Vice President, ICID
Chairman, C-CONGR



Sl. No. Name Email Country Position
1 Madame Céline PAPIN ce************* France Chair
2 Mr. Ahmad Bin Dakur ah************* Malaysia Representative
3 Dr. Bahrom Gaforzoda gb************* Tajikistan Representative
4 Mr. Bruno Grawitz br************* France Representative
5 Dr. Ding Kunlun kl************* China Representative
6 Prof. El - Houssine Bartali ba************* Morocco Representative
7 Prof. Fethi Lebdi le************* Saudi Arabia Representative
8 Mr. Germán Martínez Santoyo ge************* Mexico Representative
9 Dr. K. Yella Reddy, FIE ky************* India Representative
10 Mr. M.Z. Fatah mz************* Indonesia Representative
11 Mr. Momir Vranes mo************* Australia Representative
12 Engr. Peter Henry Sule ni************* Nigeria Representative
13 Mr. Rishi Srivastava ce************* India Representative
14 Eng. Shaimaa O. Kareem ic************* Iraq Representative



Presentation on the 25th ICID Congress, 2023 by VPH Dr. Yella Reddy,


Presentation on the 4th World Irrigation Forum, 2023 by CNCID


Montpellier, France 2015


  1. 23rd ICID Congress and 68th IEC in 2017 (Mexico) by Patricia (Mexico)
  2. 22nd ICID Congress and 65th IEC (2014) by VP Bonghoon Lee (Korea)
  3. 26th ERC and 66th IEC  (2015) by Dominique ROLLIN (France)
  4. 2nd WIF and 67th IEC, 6-12 November 2016 by S. Prajamwong (Thailand)
  5. 1st World Irrigation Forum ( 2013) by Nurugul Uzucek (Turkey)
  6. 1st WIF and 64th IEC (2013) by Akif OZKALDI (Turkey)

Gwangju, September 2014

  1. Irene Bondarik (Russia) - 12th International Drainage Workshop of ICID, 23-28 June 2014 at St. Petersburg, Russia
  2. Aynur Fayrap (Turkey) – The Irrigation and Drainage in Changing World: Challenges & Opportunities for Global Food Security, WIF & 64th IEC Meeting, 29 Sept.-05 Oct 2013 at Mardin, Turkey
  3. Arthon Suttigarn (Thailand) - 2nd WIF and 67th IEC, 6-12 November 2016, Chiang Mai at Thailand
  4. Mehrzad Ehsani (Iran) - 13th International Drainage Workshop, March 2017, Ahwaz, Iran
  5. Caroline Coulon / Dominique Rollin (France) - 26th ERC and 66th IEC, 11-16 October 2015, Montpellier, France


  1. Committee on Congresses and Conferences Report (Ian Atkinson, Australia)
  2. 21st ICID Congress, 8th Micro-Irrigation Congress and 62nd IEC Meeting (M. Ehsani, Iran)
  3. 64th IEC meeting & 8th ARC of ICID (Serpil Koylu Dalgin, Turkey)


  1. Preparation of 22nd Congress of ICID in 2014, Korea National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
  2. ICID 63rd IEC Meeting and 7th Asian Regional Conference, 24-30 June 2012, Adelaide, Australia
  3. Synthesis Report on The Third African Conference of ICID and Third African Show of Irrigation and Drainage (SAFID), 29 November to 05 December 2011 in Bamako (MALI)
  4. The 61st International Executive Council Meeting and the 6th Asian Regional Conference, 10-16 October 2010, Yogyakarta - Indonesia





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