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Since agriculture accounts for 70% of water use and up to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, it contributes to and is threatened by climate change. Adapting water management policies and practices to the existing climate variability by building resilience is the best way to prepare for potential climate change. Improved water harvesting and storages (such as reservoirs, dams, pools, pits, retaining ridges, etc.), supplementing the water requirement for rain-fed crops, highly efficient irrigation systems and best practices are fundamental for addressing increasing variability of rainfalls, and reducing the adverse impacts of extreme events of floods and droughts.

ICID addresses these issues through its Working Group on Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management (WG-CLIMATE).The looming climate change and its likely impacts on water management for agriculture require cooperation cutting across institutional and disciplinary boundaries. It calls for intensification of data collection networks, research into methodologies to downscale the climate impacts on water and agriculture, review of the operation of storage systems, enhancing soil water storage with water harvesting structures, and sharing knowledge and information. WG-CLIMATE has the mandate to review the progression of and predictions for Global Climate Change (GCC) and climate variability and to explore and analyze the medium-term implications of climate change and climate variability for irrigation, drainage, and flood management. It stimulates discussion and raises awareness of water related GCC issues within the ICID network and at national scales among scientists and policy makers. The working group collaborates with global partners like UN System wide Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) under the leadership of WMO.


*Formal approval will be made during the 72nd IEC in November 2021 at Marrakesh, Morocco

Strategy Themes: Basin
  • To share the information about prediction of the global and regional climate change and climate variability.
  • To explore and analyze the implications of climate change and climate variability for agricultural water management including irrigation, drainage, and flood control
  • To promote archiving useful information and case studies on climate change for practical use in improved impact assessment and adaptation development
  • To enhance discussion on climate change and water management at national and regional scales among the stakeholders including academician, practitioners, decision makers, media as well as farmers and water users in a region

Established : 2015
Sl. No. Name Email Country Position
1 Prof. Dr. Ray Shyan Wu ra************* Chinese Taipei Committee Chair
2 Dr. Fuqiang Tian ti************* China Vice Chair
3 Dr. Waleed Hassan M. Abou El Hassan Wa************* Egypt Secretary
4 Prof. Anna Dalla Marta an************* Italy Member
5 Dr. Anton Urfels - Direct Member a.************* Germany Member
6 Dr. Ashish Pandey - Direct Member as************* India Member
7 Mr. Atin Kumar Tyagi ty************* India Member
8 Prof. Choi, Jin-Yong ia************* South Korea Member
9 Ms. DEMİREL YAZICI Dilek di************* Turkey Member
10 Ms. Fatma Tüz Zehra Gülsever fa************* Turkey Member
11 Dr. Jiabin Wu mk************* China Member
12 Dr. Jih Shun Liu js************* Chinese Taipei Committee Member
13 Dr. Khosro Morovati kh************* China Member
14 Dr. Kumiko TSUJIMOTO ts************* Japan Member
15 Ms. Linlin Fan – Young Professional mk************* China Member
16 Dr. Man Singh ma************* India Member
17 Mr. Michael Davidson mi************* USA Member
18 Dr. Mika Tähtikarhu mi************* Finland Member
19 Eng. (Ms.) Nermeen El-Tahan - Young Professional en************* Egypt Member
20 Dr. Nozar Ghahreman ng************* Iran Member
21 Prof. Ragab Ragab ra************* United Kingdom Member
22 Prof. Sue Walker wa************* South Africa Member
23 Mr. Sunil Kumar su************* India Member
24 Dr. Takanori NAGANO na************* Japan Member
25 Eng. (Ms.) Talatha Janaki Meegstenna ja************* Sri Lanka Member
26 Mr. Tikaram Baral ba************* Nepal Member
27 Ts Ir Wan Noorul Hafilah Binti Wan Ariffin no************* Malaysia Member
28 Dr. Xu Lei bh************* China Member
29 Prof. Dr. Tsugihiro WATANABE wa************* Japan Observer
30 Dr. Amani Alfarra am************* Canada Provisional Member
31 Engr. Ghulam Zakir-Hassan Sial za************* Pakistan Provisional Member

In addition to the below membership, representative of Indonesia is a member; WMO, IWMI, and FAO are Permanent Observers.


Scoping Document; ​         Closure Report

WG on Global Climate Change and Irrigation (2005-2007) changed its name WG on Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management (WG-CLIMATE) (2007) and re-constituted WG on Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management (WG-CLIMATE) in 2015 with a new mandate.


AGENDA (Previous) | MINUTES (Previous) |

International Workshop on Innovated Agricultural Water Management under Climate Change, 1-8 November 2023, Visakhapatnam (Vizag), India

ePublication: Biosaline Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation for Food Security (Editors: Redouane Choukr-Allah, and Ragab Ragab)

Meeting of Working Cluster 1 on Resilience and Climate Change, 22 December 2022

1. How do climate and land use changes affect the water cycle? Modelling study including future drought events prediction using reliable drought indices (M. Afzal, and Ragab Ragab)

2. Modelling study to quantify the impact of future climate and land use changes on water resources availability at catchment scale (Muhammad Afzal, Nikolaos Vavlas, and Ragab Ragab)

3. Assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on the hydrology at catchment scale: modelling approach including prediction of future drought events using drought indices (M. Afzal, and Ragab Ragab)

4. Drought Risk under Climate and Land Use Changes: Implication to Water Resource Availability at Catchment Scale (Muhammad Afzal, and Ragab Ragab)

5. Impact of the Future Climate and Land Use Changes on the Hydrology and Water Resources in Southeast England, UK (M. Afzal, and Ragab Ragab)

6. Application of Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation (GLUE) at different temporal scales to reduce the uncertainty level in modelled river flows (Ragab Ragab, Alexandra Kaelin, Muhammad Afzal & Ioanna Panage) 

Recommended Papers / Articles

1. California-Chile Water Nexus 2: Water-Smart Agriculture

2. Can ‘Carbon Smart’ Farming Play a Key Role in the Climate Fight?

3. Future Farming - Overcoming drought with new technology

4. Precision Farming - Market Share Analysis and Research Report by 2025

5. Recommended Papers On Climate Change Impact And Its Adaptation

6. Determination of Suitable Regions for Cultivation of Three Medicinal Plants under a Changing Climate

7. Climate change impacts in Iran: assessing our current knowledge

8. Online meeting on September 10, 2020

Recommended Papers / Articles

1. Recommended Papers on Climate Change Impact and Its Adaptation

2. UNFCCC COP15 : Climate change adaptation is mainly about water…

3. ICID Addresses Global Climate Change and Irrigation

Recommended Papers / Articles

1. Supply and Demand Forecasting of Water Resource Coupling System in Upstream Yangtze River under Changing Environmental Conditions by Sijing Lou, et. al.

2. Definition and Application of a Computational Parameter for the Quantitative Production of Hydroponic Tomatoes Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Digital Image Processing by Diego Palacios, et. al.

3. Possible Effects of Climate Change on Sugarcane Development and Water Use in Southwest of Iran by Nozar Ghahreman and Iman Babaeian

4. Research on Developing Farmland Irrigation Water Management Model in Taiwan by Ray-Shyan Wu, Jih-Shun Liu and Yi-Chen Ruan , Hsiang-Chuan Wu

5. IOT Technology Based Smart Water Level Prediction System in Taiwan Tao-Yuan Main Canal by Jih-Shun Liu, Ray-Shyan Wu, Chien-Kuo Chen, Jihn-Sung Lai, Hung-Chih Lee, Fang-Lan Ko, and Chia-Yi Chien

6. Investigation of uncertainty in the IPCC AR5 precipitation and temperature projections over Iran under RCP scenarios by N. Ghahreman, M. Tabatabaei, and I. Babaeian

Current status and recent trend of irrigation water use in China by Songjun Han, Fuqiang Tian, and Long Gao


1. How cutting-edge technology can sustain Africa food security-Abdella by Maduka Nweke

2. Global Warming Could Make Life in Tropics Impossible by Amy Norton Health


1. UNFCCC COP15 : Climate change adaptation is mainly about water


Marrakesh, Morocco, 2021

  1. Live video presentation - Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management by Dr. Ray-Shyan Wu, Chairman, WG-CLIMATE, and President, Chinese Taipei Committee (CTCID)
  2. Live video presentation - Non-Monotonic Changes in Streamflow over Tibetan Plateau at the Warning Levels of 1.5oC, 2.0oC, and 3.0oC by Prof. Fuqiang Tian, Professor, Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources, Tsinghua University, China; and Vice Chairman, WG-CLIMATE
  3. Live video presentation - Spatiotemporal Assessment of Evapotranspiration of Desert Steppe in Northern China: A Case of Otog Front Banner by Jiabin Wu, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research.
  4. The Application of IoT on Irrigation Facilities by Dr. Liu Jih-Shun, Associate Researcher and Deputy Head of Information Division, Agricultural Engineering Research Center (AERC), Taiwan.

Bali, Indonesia, 2019

  1. Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Selective Farming Systems in South Africa
  2. Assessment of Climate Change Impacts Using Hydrological Drought Index
  3. Smallholders’ Resilience in the Eastern Gangetic Plains, A framework to support productive use of groundwater resources within sustainable limits
  4. Flood Risk Assessment Due to the Impact of Climate Change, Development of Basin Investment Plans Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP)
  5. Strategic Action Plan to Combat Climate Change Impact in Irrigation Sector in Sri Lanka
  6. Assessment of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Measures to Malwatu Oya River Basin in North Central Province of Sri Lanka
  7. Possibilities to optimize irrigation in Lower Saxony, Germany, Irrigation management and capacity building as a key to mitigate the effects of climate change
  8. Determining irrigation and drainage rates to anticipate extreme weathers
  9. Value Added Weather Advisories for Small-Scale Farmers in South Africa Delivered via Mobile Apps
  10. Eng T Janaki Meegastenna, Director of Irrigation (Water Management & Riverine Management) Deputy Project Director (CRIP), Irrigation Department (Sri Lanka): Sri Lanka’s Challengers to the Climate Change in Irrigation and Water Resources
  11. Dr. P. Soman and Atin Kumar Tyagi (Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., India): Sustainability Impact of JAIN’s Hi-Tech Innovations in Agri- Food Sector
  12. Prof Sue Walker (Agricultural Research Council – Institute for Soil, Climate and Water, Pretoria, South Africa): AgriCloud App
  13. Dr. Tsugihiro WATANABE (Kyoto University, Japan): Integrated assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Basin Agro-eco-systems
  14. Dr. Tsugihiro WATANABE (Kyoto University, Japan): Significance of the Envisaged Climate Changes in Light of the ICID Vision

Saskatoon, Canada, 2018

  1. Dr. LIU Jih-Shun (Agricultural Engineering Research Center, Chinese-Taipei): Modeling smart irrigation system for mixed crop field water demand- a case study in central Taiwan
  2. Dr. Nozar GHAHREMAN (University of Tehran, Iran): Application of RCP scenarios in assessment of climate change impact on extreme events: Experiences from Iran
  3. Dr. Patrick Cherneski (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada National Agroclimate Information Service Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada): The Impacts and Costs of Drought to the Canadian Agriculture Sector
  4. Dr. Jin-Yong CHOI (Seoul National University, Korea): Climate Change Responses for Agricultural Water Management and Institutional Activities in South Korea
  5. Dr. Sue WALKER et al. (Institute for Soil, Climate and Water, Agricultural Research Council, Pretoria South Africa): Mobile Apps for Small-scale Farmers in South Africa
  6. Jaepil Cho: Seamless Climate Service and Downscaling for Climate Change Adaptation
  7. Dr. Tsugihiro WATANABE (Kyoto University), et. al.,: Climate Change Impacts on Basin Agro-ecosystems

Mexico City, Mexico, 2017

  1. Dr. Tsugihiro WATANABE (Kyoto University, Japan): Recent progress of the climate change impacts assessment and adaptation strategy development in the Japanese governmental program
  2. Dr. Mika TURUNEN (Aalto University, Finland): Analysis of water balance and runoff generation in high latitude agricultural fields as affected by climatic variability
  3. Dr. Nozar GHAHREMAN (University of Tehran, Iran): Response Farming Action Support System for “Climate Smart Agriculture”: Experiences of Iran
  4. Dr. René LOBATO-SÁNCHEZ (Mexican Institute of Water Technology, Mexico): Model Implementation of a drought persistence monitor for water and agriculture sectors

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2016

  1. Impacts of Extreme Flood and Drought on Irrigation and Drainage and Their Adaptation Strategy in Thailand by Dr. Sucharit Koontanakulvong, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  2. Japanese Farmers’ Economic Incentive to Implement Prolonging of Midseason Drainage for Reducing CH4 Emission from Irrigated Rice Paddies by Dr. Kazunori Minamikawa, Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO, Japan
  3. Possible Effects of Climate Change on Agricultural Sector in Iran under RCP Scenarios by Dr. Nozar Ghahreman, University of Tehran, Iran
  4. Impacts of Climate Change on the Hydrological Processes in the Mekong River by Dr. Fuqiang Tian, Tsinghua University, China (Secretary of WG-CLIMATE)

Montpellier, France 2015

  1. Water-Energy-Food Nexus and the Changing Climate by Fuqiang TIAN
  2. Outcome of Q58: How Irrigation and Drainage Play an Important Role in Climate Change Adaptation? by Tsugihiro Watanabe
  3. Presentation by the Chair about the activities of the Working Group on Global Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management (WG-CLIMATE)

Gwangju, September 2014

  1. ClimaAdapt – Prof. Udaya Sekhar Nagothu (Norway)
  2. Taiwan Climate Change Projection and Information Platform Project (TCCIP)
  3. An Approach to Assessing Damage on Rice Yield associated with Paddy Inundation by Climate Change - Takao Masumoto (Japan)
  4. Evolution of Human-Water Relationship and Impact of Climate Change: a Socio-hydrological Perspective in Tarim River Basin of China - Fuqiang Tian (China)
  5. Water management and food security faced to climate change challenges: Scenarios and solutions in different regional contexts - Jacques Plantey (France)

Mardin, Turkey, 2013

  1. Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on Land and Water Use, VPH Dr. Mark Svendsen (USA)
  2. Crops For the Future Research Centre, Prof. Sue Walker (South Africa)

Tehran, Iran, 2011

Lahore, Pakistan, 2010

  1. Japan's Countermeasures for Global Warming and Activities of Asian Regional Task Force on C.C. (VP Shinsuke OTA)
  2. Agricultural Interventions for Climate Variability (Sue Walker)
  3. Can We Save the California Delta From the effects of sea level rise (Maurice Roos)








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