Access to water (rain, surface and groundwater) in adequate quantity is essential for optimum crop production.  It is known that the yield from irrigated crops is double as compared to rainfed crop and hence the importance of water in irrigated agriculture. Further, the trend of diverting land and water to producing biofuel crops is increasing.

Recently a study ( suggested that irrigation water allocation to biofuel production is estimated at 44 billion cubic meters. This is alarming. Issues related with water for food and fuel crops needs to be thoroughly studied and hence the Working Group on Water and Crops (WG-CROP).The WG promotes the efficient use of water in crop production; investigate the use of energy crops for biofuel production; develop techniques for rainfall harvesting; promote the multi-functionality of water use in paddy rice cultivation; and investigate the adaptation of agriculture to climate change.


Established : N/A
Sl. No. Name Email Country Membership
1 Prof. Dr. Ragab Ragab United Kingdom Chair
2 Dr. K. Yella Reddy, FIE India Secretary
3 Eng. Karshiyev Rustum Jurayevih Uzbekistan Member
4 Dr. Chung-Feng Ding Chinese Taipei Committee Member
5 Prof. Won-Ho Nam South Korea Member
6 Prof. Dr. Zeinab Hussien Behairy Egypt Member
7 Dr. Kazumi Yamaoka Japan Member
8 Dr. P. Soman India Member
9 Ir. Adang Saf Ahmad Indonesia Member
10 Ir. Felipe Dantas Australia Member
11 Prof. Daniele de Wrachien Italy Observer
12 Mr. Syaiful Mahdi Indonesia Observer


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Integrated Hydrological Modelling System (IHMS)

SALMED MODEL 2019: SALTMED Publications in Irrigation and Drainage, Virtual Issues: First published on 20 May 2020

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Please carefully read the document: How to install the SALTMED model. You could also see the Video on YouTube about installation and different parts of the model including problems and solutions. The User Guide has now been updated as well.

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Papers under Bio-energy

1. Irrigated oil palm production in Brazil for bioenergy uses: opportunities and challenges, Edson BARCELOS, Brazil
2. Background Study to Review and Assess Known Principles & Current Information on Biofuel Production under Irrigated Conditions, Helen Fyles et al, Canada
3, Biofuel development in China and its potential impacts, Tian Fuqiang, China
4, Biofuels Situation in India – Input to ICID TF Position Paper on Biofuels, Amit Dutta, India
5, The Scope of Production and Usage of Biofuels in Nepal, Uttam Raj Timilsina, Nepal
6. Biofuels Situation in South Africa – input to ICID TF Position Paper on Biofuels, A.J. Sanewe, A S Roux G Jewitt, R Kunz, South Africa

Document on "Water saving practices in rice paddy cultivation (State-of-art report on irrigation systems in Japan)