Irrigation and Drainage is the official journal of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID). The objectives of the ICID are to advance the science and art of irrigation, drainage and flood management. Irrigation and Drainage is a prestigious peer-reviewed publication and enables ICID to accomplish its objectives of publishing original papers on scientific, engineering and socio-economic issues associated with irrigation, drainage and flood management in a clear, concise and uniform style that is easily understood by an international audience. ICID has more than sixty years of experience in the promotion and transfer of water and land management technology and related issues.

Irrigation and Drainage plays an important role as the world struggles to meet the food demands of a rapidly growing population and problems with floods and droughts are increasingly encountered. It is a publication that directly addresses the management of water resources for agriculture and flood management. The potential impact of the Journal on the transfer of technology is large as is its potential for continued success. Formerly, it used to be published as ICID Bulletin since 1952. Its title has since been changed to ICID Journal since 1995. ICID Journal was presented in two issues upto 1998. ICID has brought out 3 issues in 1999. In 2000 the ICID Journal became a quarterly publication. Since March 2001 the Journal has been renamed as "IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE - Managing Water for Sustainable Agriculture - The Journal of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage" and is published by Wiley-Blackwell under full editorial responsibility of ICID. Since 2005 the Journal is published in five issues per year. In addition Special Issues are being published. The Journal is listed in the ISI citation index. The 2016 impact factor was 0.931, with the five year impact factor of 0.885

Articles for Irrigation and Drainage have to be uploaded in the Manuscript Central System of Wiley-Blackwell. The address is: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1531-0361. The web site contains all relevant information with respect to Irrigation and Drainage, including authors instructions.

  • To ensure with the (Joint) Editor (s) that the Journal is published in accordance with editorial policies ;
  • To select and recommend to IEC, through PCTA, the appointment of (Joint) Editor (s) and Associate Editors and Members;
  • To review and update editorial policies  when required, to conform with the developing ICID objectives;
  • To address and resolve issues pertaining to the Journal;
  • To review guidelines for authors, manuscript reviewers and book reviewers and liaise and coordinate with ICID workbodies.

ICID Bulletin Editorial Board (1994-1995); Renamed  ICID Journal Editorial Board (EB-JOUR) in 1995

Established : 1994
Sl. No. Name Email Country Membership
1 Dr. Li Jiusheng lijs@iwhr.com China Chair
2 Prof. Em. dr. ir. Bart Schultz schultz1@kpnmail.nl Netherlands Chair
3 Dr. Brent Paterson brentpatterson27@gmail.com Canada Member
4 Prof. Yih Chi Tan yctan@ntu.edu.tw Chinese Taipei Committee Member
5 Er. B.A. Chivate bachivate@icid.org India Member
6 Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar vijaylabh@gmail.com India Member
7 Dr. Yohei SATO sato-yoh@mail2.accsnet.ne.jp Japan Member
8 Dr. Keigo NODA anod@gifu-u.ac.jp Japan Member
9 Dr. (Ing.) Klaus Rottcher klaus@roettcher.de Germany Member
10 Dr. Marcel Kuper Marcel.kuper@cirad.fr France Member
11 Dr. Sahdev Singh dr.sahdevsingh@gmail.com India Member
12 Mr. Larry D. Stephens stephens@uscid.org United States of America Member
13 Dr. Mohammad Javad Monem monem@net.modares.ac.ir Iran Member
14 Dr. Takanori NAGANO naganot@ruby.kobe-u.ac.jp Japan Member
15 Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd. Amin bin Soom amin@eng.upm.edu.my Malaysia Member
16 Mr. Simon Howarth simon.Howarth@mottmac.com United Kingdom Member
17 Dr. Dia El Din Ahmed El Quosy diaa@mwri.gov.eg Egypt Member
18 Prof. Dr. Joong Dae, Choi jdchoi@kangwon.ac.kr South Korea Member
19 Dr. Muhammad Latif drmlatif@yahoo.com Pakistan Member
20 Prof. Luis A. Garcia, PhD Luis.Garcia@uvm.edu United States of America Member
21 Dr. Poolad Karimi p.karimi@unesco-ihe.org Iran Associate Editor
22 Dr. Ir. Henk Ritzema henk.ritzema@wur.nl Netherlands Associate Editor
23 Dr. Nick C. Van de Giesten n.c.vandegesen@tudeflt.nl Netherlands Associate Editor
24 Mr. Bernard Vincent Bernard.vincent@orange.fr France Associate Editor
25 Mr. Kristoph Dietrich Kinzil kkinzli@fgcu.edu United States of America Associate Editor
26 Prof. Anna Dalla Marta mem_1491@icid.org Italy Associate Editor
27 Prof. Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante w.sincuenta@gmail.com Mexico Associate Editor
28 Mr. Mohsin Hafeez mem_1504@icid.org Iraq Associate Editor
29 Prof. Daniele de Wrachien Daniele.DeWrachien@unimi.it Italy Associate Editor
30 Dr. Laszlo G. Hayde l.hayde@unesco-ihe.org Hungary Associate Editor
31 Prof. Saleh Taghvaeian Saleh.Taghvaeian@okstate.edu United States of America Associate Editor
32 Dr. Bryan P. Thoreson bryant@de-water.com United States of America Associate Editor
33 Dr. Severine Tomas severine.tomas@irstea.fr France Associate Editor
34 Prof. Ray-Shyan   Wu ctcid@triwra.org.tw Chinese Taipei Committee Associate Editor
35 Dr. Takao MASUMOTO masumoto@affrc.go.jp Japan Associate Editor
36 Dr. Biju George biju@unimelb.edu.au Australia Associate Editor
37 Prof. Kendall C. Dejonge kendall.dejonge@ars.usda.gov United States of America Associate Editor