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Webinar on Addressing the Global Water Challenge Through Autonomous Irrigation

AL/ICID Webinar on Addressing the Global Water Challenge Through Autonomous Irrigation
29th October 2020, 
1:30 PM IST and 18h00 (AEST)

Speakers / Panelists: (1) Prof. John Hornbuckle, (2) Prof. Joseph Foley, (3) Er. Momir Vranes, (4) Er. Bryan Ward, (5) Er. Erik Schmidt, and (6) Secretary General Ashwin B. Pandya

Research in Australia is addressing the challenge of reduced water availability by improving the water productivity of Australian cropping and pasture irrigators. Key research areas, being addressed under a national program “Smarter Irrigation for Profit Phase 2 (SIP2)”, include:

1.    Developing new and innovative irrigation technologies, including the application of new sensors and advanced analytics to improve irrigation scheduling. 
2.    Development and delivery of autonomous irrigation including improved automation components and more robust networks for sensing, control and precision application for cotton, rice, sugar and dairy irrigation farming systems. 

Continuous improvement in the cost and availability of technologies for autonomous irrigation is providing increasing opportunities for adoption across irrigation industries in technologically advanced countries both in Australia and internationally.
The webinar will provide a technical overview of the practical application of autonomous irrigation on irrigation farms across Australia. Discussion will include how these technologies may be implemented in a staged manner to meet the needs of less technologically advanced countries. The seminar will include presentations from leading irrigation researchers; Associate Professor Joseph Foley from the University of Southern Queensland, Centre for Agricultural Engineering and Associate Professor John Hornbuckle from Deakin University and discussion with farmers who have adopted these systems.  More information on the “Smarter Irrigation for Profit Program”.

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