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Working Group on Land Drainage (WG-LDRG)

Irrigation is always accompanied by drainage. The drainage (natural or constructed) should be carried out wherever irrigation takes place. Even in rainfed agriculture in many parts of the world, drainage is necessary. That is why a significant part of discussions at the ICID meetings is on drainage.
There has been a working group on drainage issues in ICID since 1983. It seems, however that ICID cannot be imagined without a drainage workbody, due to the importance of the drainage as an integral part of the water management. 
The Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG) was established in 2014 for a period of 6 years after completion of the mandate of the former Working Group on Drainage (WG-DRG) in 2013. The WG-SDRG concluded in 2019 however, based on the recommendation of PCTA, the 70th IEC approved its extension for one more year up to 2020 to develop a scoping document for the new WG (resolution IEC DR-2/70 of 70th IEC minutes). 

In this regard, Scoping Document prepared to establish a new Drainage Working Group to follow and update the mandates and mission of the former Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG) which was concluded at the 71st IEC Meeting (Virtual), 7-8 December 2020, ICID Central Office, New Delhi, India

Notification  Scoping Document
  • To promote drainage as part of integrated water resources management. In this regard exchange of information, knowledge and experience among the WG members in order to be up to date with new developments, methods and approaches. Prepare and present reports and/or case studies on recent developments in the countries that are represented in the WG; organise international drainage workshops,
  • To collect and review manuals, guidelines, codes of practice and standards on drainage schemes of various countries and prepare universal draft standards,
  • To promote sustainable approaches for drainage and related projects through a balanced integration of environmental, economic, and social and cultural aspects. In this regard nonconventional drainage methods such as bio-drainage, dry-drainage, controlled drainage and reuse of drainage water will be given due attention
  • To prepare an overview paper on the state of the art on the topic for publication in Irrigation and Drainage (IRD)
  • To hold drainage conferences and workshops with collaboration of NCs and close collaboration to hold two International Drainage workshops (14th and 15th IDW).
  • Collecting data of the World Drained Area and keep it updated through WG members and NCs information according to Goal E, Strategy E5 (Compilation of Global Data Sets on Irrigation and Drainage), Clause 5.3 (Datasets for Drainage Area) of Road Map of ICID Vision 2030.

Established : 2020
Sl. No. Name Email Country Position
1 Mr. Bernard Vincent France Chair
2 Dr. Momon Sodik Imanudin Indonesia Vice Chair
3 Mr. Fazal Rehman Kashif Pakistan Secretary
4 Mr. Mati Tonismae Estonia Member
5 Ms Helena Aijo Finland Member
6 Mr. Ardavan Azari Iran Member
7 Dr. Yurii Yanko Russia Member
8 Engr. Mohd Anuar Musardar bin Yusoff Malaysia Member
9 Dr. (Ms.) Naoko KOSHIYAMA Japan Member
10 Ms. Wang Shaoli China Member
11 Prof. Aidan Senzanje South Africa Member
12 Eng. Maiada Mohamed Anwar Egypt Member
13 Eng. Mohamed Saleh El-Basyony Egypt Member
14 Eng. Dina Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Egypt Member
15 Prof. L.B. Roy - Direct Member India Member
16 Dr. Natsuki YOSHIKAWA Japan Member
17 Dr. Hao-Che Ho Chinese Taipei Committee Member
18 Dr. Gurbachan Singh India Member
19 Dr. Ratan Chand Jain India Member
20 Mr. Shinsuke OTA Japan Member


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