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Irrigation is always accompanied by drainage. The drainage (natural or constructed) should be carried out wherever irrigation takes place. Even in rainfed agriculture in many parts of the world, drainage is necessary. That is why a significant part of discussions at the ICID meetings is on drainage.
There has been a working group on drainage issues in ICID since 1983. It seems, however that ICID cannot be imagined without a drainage workbody, due to the importance of the drainage as an integral part of the water management. 
The Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG) was established in 2014 for a period of 6 years after completion of the mandate of the former Working Group on Drainage (WG-DRG) in 2013. The WG-SDRG concluded in 2019 however, based on the recommendation of PCTA, the 70th IEC approved its extension for one more year up to 2020 to develop a scoping document for the new WG (resolution IEC DR-2/70 of 70th IEC minutes). 

In this regard, Scoping Document prepared to establish a new Drainage Working Group to follow and update the mandates and mission of the former Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG) which was concluded at the 71st IEC Meeting (Virtual), 7-8 December 2020, ICID Central Office, New Delhi, India

Notification  Scoping Document
Strategy Themes: Schemes

(a)  To promote drainage as part of integrated water resources management. In this regard exchange of information, knowledge and experience among the WG members in order to be up to date with new developments, methods and approaches. Prepare and present reports and/or case studies on recent developments in the countries that are represented in the WG; organise international drainage workshops; (b) To collect and review manuals, guidelines, codes of practice and standards on drainage schemes of various countries and prepare universal draft standards; (c) To promote sustainable approaches for drainage and related projects through a balanced integration of environmental, economic, and social and cultural aspects. In this regard nonconventional drainage methods such as bio-drainage, dry-drainage, controlled drainage and reuse of drainage water will be given due attention; (d) To prepare an overview paper on the state of the art on the topic for publication in Irrigation and Drainage (IRD); (e) To hold drainage conferences and workshops with collaboration of NCs and close collaboration to hold two International Drainage workshops (14th and 15th IDW); and (f) Collecting data of the World Drained Area and keep it updated through WG members and NCs information according to Goal E, Strategy E5 (Compilation of Global Data Sets on Irrigation and Drainage), Clause 5.3 (Datasets for Drainage Area) of Road Map of ICID Vision 2030.

Established : 2020

Chairman Message

First, I like to acknowledge my predecessors as chairman of the WG, Bernard Vincent (who passed away unfortunately early 2023) and Bart Schultz. Drainage is the stepchild in ICID; not thought of a lot, unintentionally overlooked, ignored, forgotten, and so on, … and, dominated by news, stories, and papers on irrigation. Irrigation in many cases is the source of the surplus water that causes waterlogging and salinity problems. The president of ICID, Dr Ragab Ragab, asked me, during the ICID meetings in Adelaide (Oct 2023), to take on chairmanship of the WG (I was chairman from 2001 – 2013) and revive drainage activities within ICID. Bart Schultz, at the same meetings in Adelaide, observed that there was not a single mention of drainage in the announcements of the next ICID meetings in Vizag 2023 (which has changed in the meantime with the organisation of a Workshop on Drainage in Vizag). So, step 1, I will organize with ICID Central Office zoom meetings every three months, step 2, I shall come out of retirement, and, step 3, I will enjoy doing this. First order of activities is to try and generate country papers on drainage; a global overview of drainage. From the country papers, items for further action and follow-up by the WG-LDRG will be identified. Second order of business is the explore the world wide web for information on drainage (NOT JUST ME BUT ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS); a lot has changed since I was chairman of the WG-DRG with copious amounts of information available on the internet. So, let’s collect this and prepare 1 country papers, 2 information documents, 3 reports for publication on the ICID website and 4 publish papers on drainage in our Irrigation and Drainage Journal.

Happy draining to all of you.


Dr. Willem F. Vlotman Vice President Hon. and

Chairman WG-LDRG 

(June 2023)


14th International Drainage Workshop

30 May 2024 - 1 June 2024, The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Ismoili Somoni Avenue, 26/1, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Theme: Modernization of Irrigation and Drainage Systems to Adapt to Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Sub-Theme 1: TS-1: Modernization of irrigation and drainage systems to adapt to climate change: current state of management, science, technology, and successful international, regional, national practices
Sub-Theme 2: TS-2: Harmonizing Sustainability: Empowering Young Professionals and Gender Inclusivity in Integrated Water Resources Management”.
Sub-Theme 3: TS-3: Nexus Approach: Strengthening the “water-energy-food” interactions.


Contact: Dr. Bahrom Gaforzoda, Secretary, Tajikistan National Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (TajNCID), Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, 5/1 Shamsi str., Dushanbe, 734064, Republic of Tajikistan. 

Email:, Website:



Call for Papers: 14th International Drainage Workshop  [ GET & SUBMIT ]

Secretariat contact:

Virtual Meeting of the Working Group on Land Drainage (WG-LDRG), 15 February 2024, 14:30 Hours (IST)


Sl. No. Name Email Country Position
1 Dr. Willem F. Vlotman vl************* Australia Chair
2 Dr. Momon Sodik Imanudin mo************* Indonesia Vice Chair
3 Dr. Deepak Khare - Direct Member kh************* India Secretary
4 Prof. Aidan Senzanje Se************* South Africa Member
5 Mr. Ammar Al-Khafaji am************* Iraq Member
6 Mr. Ardavan Azari ar************* Iran Member
7 Dr. Bancha Kwanyuen fe************* Thailand Member
8 Dr. Bilge Omar bi************* Turkey Member
9 Mr. Davies Mulenga Sampa sa************* Zambia Member
10 Eng. Dina Mahmoud Mohamed Ali e.************* Egypt Member
11 Mr. Ekasit Kositsakulchai ek************* Thailand Member
12 Mr. Fazal Rehman Kashif ka************* Pakistan Member
13 Prof. Dr. Gehan Abdel Hakeem Sallam ge************* Egypt Member
14 Dr. Gurbachan Singh gb************* India Member
15 Dr. Hao-Che Ho ha************* Chinese Taipei Committee Member
16 Mr. Izzet Nazmi Eyüboğlu iz************* Turkey Member
17 Prof. L.B. Roy - Direct Member lb************* India Member
18 Dr. Luo Wenbing - Young Professional lu************* China Member
19 Eng. Maiada Mohamed Anwar ma************* Egypt Member
20 Mr. Mati Tonismae so************* Estonia Member
21 Eng. Mohamed Saleh El-Basyony Mo************* Egypt Member
22 Engr. Mohd Anuar Musardar bin Yusoff an************* Malaysia Member
23 Dr. (Ms.) Naoko KOSHIYAMA ko************* Japan Member
24 Dr. Natsuki YOSHIKAWA na************* Japan Member
25 Dr. Ratan Chand Jain ra************* India Member
26 Mr. Sharif Mahmudov ma************* Tajikistan Member
27 Dr. Tao Yuan - Young Professional ta************* China Member
28 Ms. Wang Shaoli sh************* China Member
29 Dr. Wu Jingwei ji************* China Member
30 Dr. Yurii Yanko lo************* Russia Member
31 Er. Abdul Haleem Memon ha************* Pakistan Provisional Member
32 Er. Asghar Ali Halepoto Ali Halepoto ch************* Pakistan Provisional Member
33 Prof. Cheh-Shyh Ting cs************* Chinese Taipei Committee Provisional Member
34 Dr. Evan Wilfred Christen ev************* Australia Provisional Member
35 Dr. Mangliyev Abdukhalil Abdusattorovich ab************* Uzbekistan Provisional Member
36 Mr. Olle Haggblom ol************* Finland Provisional Member

In addition to the below membership representatives from the National Committees of Pakistan by Er. Ghulam Rasool and representatives from FAO Dr. Sasha Koo Oshima are Permanent Observers.


Agendas of the Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting

Bali, Indonesia, 2019

  1. Drainmod Model Adaptation for Developing Recommendations to Maintain Water Table in The Tertiary Block of Tidal Lowland Reclamations Areas (A Case Study in Sugihan Kanan Under Corn Cultivation)
  2. Working Group on Drainage - Completion of the Mandate: 2019 - Theme: System
  3. Adaptive Measures at Farm Levels Water Management to Cope with Climate Change (Case Study of Mohanpura Project)
  4.  Green infrastructures V/S drainage water quality
  5. Biosaline Agriculture (Haloculture) Pilot Complex



2018 — Artificial Wetlands in Khuzistan, Iran : Problems and solutions by Er. Mojtaba Akram and Er. Ardavan Azari (IRNCID)


2016 — "Bio-drainage for Management of Waterlogging and Soil Salinity", by Gurbachan Singh and K. Lal


Montpellier, France, 2015

  1. Assesment of Traditional Drainage System with Special Reference to Karnataka State, India- A Case Study by Mr. Ramana Gowda, P., Krishnamurthy, N., and Ranjithkumar, T. M.
  2. Drip Irrigation and Drainage between Water Saving and Salinity Control: Field Evidence from the Lower Cheliff (Algeria) by Mr. Hartani.T
  3. Reuse of Drainage Water in Iraq by Mr. Julien Lecollinet
  4. Sub-Irrigation and Controlled Drainage Increase Yields and Mitigate Acid Loading in Finnish Cultivated Acid Sulfate Soils byy Mr. Seija Virtanen
  5. Performance Evaluation of Improved Subsurface Drainage System by Ms. Shaoli Wang

Gwangju, Rep. of Korea, 2014

  1. First informal meeting of new WG-DRG (now WG-SDG)
  2. 12th International Drainage Workshop (IDW), 2014, Russia
  3. 13th International Drainage Workshop (IDW), 2017, Iran




  • Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG) [2013-2020]
  • Working Group on Drainage (WG-DRG) [1983-2013]
  • Work Team on Environmental Impacts of Reclamation Projects (1986) Renamed Working Group on Environmental Impacts of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control Projects (WG-ENV) (1986). WG on Environmental Impacts of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control Projects (1986-2008) changed its name WG on Environment (2008)



The 14th International Drainage Workshop, on the topic: Modernization of irrigation and drainage systems for adaptation to climate change and sustainable development, will be hosted by the Tajikistan National Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (TajNCID) in Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan, September 2023. For more information, please visit.

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