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Webinar on Rainwater Harvesting vs Traditional Catchment Storage

Date: 15 July 2021, Time: 12.00 Hours (IST)

Michael Smit will present data on the relative efficiencies of a traditional rural catchment and rainwater harvesting based on similar volumes and frequencies of rain. In this context rainwater harvesting is rainfall captured from the roof of a building. The data suggests that in dry conditions rainwater harvesting is much more efficient at catching small rain events and storing small amounts of local water than traditional catchments. However, in wet conditions catchments can catch large rainfall events and store large amounts of water.

Speaker: Er. Michael Smit

Er. Michael Smit is the Technical and Sustainability Manager at Kingspan Water and Energy, an Australian company manufacturing made to order rainwater tanks and part of the multinational building materials Kingspan Group.  Michael has a science background and professional experience in rainwater harvesting, water conservation, natural resource management, and strategic and statutory land use planning. Michael believes Cities are integrated environmental, social and economic systems and all our actions should improve how urban systems perform. Michael has an Honours degree in Urban Planning including majors in economics and transport engineering and post graduate qualifications in urban design. Michael is deputy chair of Rainwater Harvesting Australia and the co-chair of the AWA Water Efficiency Specialist Network.

PRESENTATION: Urban Water Supplies: Relative efficiencies of Traditional Surface Storage and Rainwater Harvesting Catchments by Er. Michael Smit, Deputy Chair Rainwater Harvesting,  Australia


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