International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

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ICID publishes quarterly ICID News, monthly News Update and weekly e-Bulletin. In addition to the peer-reviewed research journal 'Irrigation and Drainage,' many special publications are broughtout from time to time.


A quarterly publication which contains brief invited technical articles of contemporary interest- from eminent professionals, outcome/ report of key ICID events.
News Update
A monthly publication which covers news from national committees, international organizations, stakeholders, important announcements etc
A weekly compilation of important news items on agriculture, climate change, drainage, droughts, floods, food security, etc.
Irrigation and Drainage Journal
A peer-reviewed publication on scientific, engineering, environmental and socio-economic issues associated with irrigation and drainage.
Annual Report 2017-18
Provides a comprehensive overview of ICID activities over the past year and includes information on Commission's budget.
Report of the – 23rdInternational Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, Mexico City, Mexico, 2017
The publications includes a brief report of the – 23rdInternational Congress on Irrigation and Drainage organized at Mexico City in October 2017.
Climate Change Adaptation for I&D in Asia: A Report of the Asian Regional TF for Climate Change
ASRWG organized several workshops and seminars on the subject. It set up an ARTF-CC to study the effects of climate change in the field of irrigation and drainage in Asia. This status report is based on the outcomes of these deliberations and case studies

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