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N.D. Gulhati Memorial Lecture

The N.D. Gulhati memorial lecture is delivered at the ICID International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage by an invited eminent expert from across the world. The aim is to provide an international status and significant developments in irrigation and drainage engineering including all allied aspects like environment, sociology, economics etc.

Following eminent experts delivered the N.D. Gulhati Memorial Lecture in the past.


Year Topic of the Lecture
2017 Dr. Felipe Ignacio Arreguín Cortés, Director General, Mexican Institute of Water Technology / Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua (IMTA) on “Reforms in the Administration of Irrigation Systems: Mexican Experiences’’. [ Full Paper ]
2014 Mr. Jeremiah R.D. Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on “Climate Variability and Change: Impacts on Water Availability” at Gwangju, Republic of Korea [ Full Paper ] [ Presentation ]
2011 Dr. Charles M. Burt (USA) on “The Irrigation Sector Shift from Construction to Modernization: What is required for Success”? at Tehran, Iran [ Full Paper and Presentation]
2008 Prof. Dr. Chandra A. Madramootoo (Canada), Vice President Hon., ICID on “Irrigation in Context of Today’s Global Food Crisis” at Lahore, Pakistan [Full Paper]
2005 Er. Albert J. Clemmens (USA) on “A Process-Based Approach to Improving the Performance of Irrigated Agriculture” at Beijing, China [Full Paper]
1999 Er. R. Rajkumar, Prof. N.V. Pundarikanthan, Er. K.R. Chezian (India) on “Controlled Water Saving Method for Paddy Cultivation - A Case Study” – prize winning paper for young professionals at Granada, Spain
1996 Ms. Margreet Z. Zwarteveen (Sri Lanka) on “A Plot of One’s Own: Gender Relations and Irrigated Land Allocation Policies in Burkina Faso” – prize winning paper for young professionals at Cairo, Egypt
1993 Er. Marvin E. Jensen (USA), President Hon., ICID on “The Impacts of Irrigation and Drainage on the Environment” at The Hague, Netherlands
1990 Late W.R. Rangeley (UK), President Hon., ICID on “Irrigation at a Crossroads” at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1987 Late Adriaan Volker (The Netherlands), Vice President Hon., ICID on “Role of Failures and Negative Secondary effects in the Development of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control” at Casablanca, Morocco
1984 Late K.K. Framji (India), President Hon., ICID on “Past and Likely Future Developments in Irrigation and Drainage and Flood Control Measures in Developing Countries” at Fort Collins, USA
1981 Er. M. Holy (Czech Rep.), President Hon., ICID on “Irrigation Systems and their Role in the Food Crisis” at Grenoble, France


We appreciate Gulhati family who donated, in 1981, a modest fund to ICID towards organizing `N.D. Gulhati Memorial Lecture for International Cooperation in Irrigation and Drainage’ as a mark of respect and for perpetuating his memory in appreciation of the services rendered by him to the field of irrigation and drainage.

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