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10th International Micro Irrigation Conference, Dakhla, Morocco, 2023

The 10th International Micro Irrigation Conference (10IMIC) on the Theme: Micro-irrigation in the Era of Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation, was successfully hosted by the Moroccan National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ANAFIDE) and ICID with support from the Directorate of Irrigation and AgriculturalLand Planning (DIAEA), from 25-27 January 2023 in the Conference center of the city of Dakhla in Southern Morocco. The event was attended by professionals from around the world.

One should not look anymore only to the question of efficiency of irrigation water only at the level of irrigated plot or the farm and integrate only on Irrigation practices but rather extend it upstream in order to integrate agro écological practices and downstream in order to take into considération post harvest losses and food waste while also not forgetting environment preservation. In this approach, one should make good use of new technologies available including IoTs and artificial intelligence. These technologies are valuable for data acquisition and transmission and contribute to sustainable water management.

One of the goals of ICID Vision 2030 is to encourage research and support the development of tools to extend innovation into field practices, particularly in micro irrigation. Collaboration actions by NCs and support from ICID CO and international partners will make conversion of innovations into field practices possible.

Irrigation water saving and valorization through sustainable micro irrigation systems entails holistic improvement of resource mobilization, delivery to the farm gates, water saving techniques, management practices, policies, institutional and financing mechanisms that ultimately result in agricultural, social, environmental and economic benefits. The topic of innovative technology and digital transition support to micro irrigation systems is relevant to the vision and mission of ICID and of interest to its members. Thus, the flagship event of ICID, 10IMIC aims to highlight the importance of innovative technology and digital transition in the design, monitoring and management of micro-irrigation systems and discuss, in detail, different aspects of it, outlined in the sub-themes:


World Water Policy Special Issue on Coping with Water Scarcity: New Advances in Africa and Beyond, Volume 9 Number 4, November 2023

Guest Editors: Ragab Ragab; Nadine Depre

Part one of the World Water Policy - WWP (Special issue), Volume 9 Number 4, November 2023 issue is based on the 10th ICID International Micro Irrigation Conference, held in January 2023 at Dakhla, Morocco. The papers presented in this special issue were largely from young water professionals who participated in the conference. Read more...



Theme: Micro-irrigation in the Era of Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation

Sub-Theme 1: Public Policies and The Promotion of Micro Irrigation: Lessons Learned

  • Adopted programs and policies for water-scarce regions,
  • Collective reconversion to localized irrigation: feedback from experiences
  • PPP contribution: sharing experiences
  • Policy instruments to promote sustainable micro-irrigation and their implementation: Cost recovery and incentives …
  • Role of beneficiaries in the development and management of micro irrigation projects
  • Main lessons to ensure sustainability of micro irrigation projects

Sub-Theme 2: Innovation in Micro-Irrigation Design and Technology To Improve Resilience To Climate Change

  • New tools and methods to optimize design for various specific conditions,
  • Approaches to alleviate the effect of water scarcity and climate change,
  • Technology innovation to face present and future challenges and improve -projects performance and sustainability
  • Contribution of research development

Sub-Theme 3: Micro-Irrigation for Small-Scale Farming, Challenges, Opportunities and Initiatives

  • Opportunities and challenges facing small scale farming to adopt micro irrigation
  • Levers to promote and enhance access of small farms to micro irrigation technologies
  • Low cost technologies adapted to small farms
  • Micro irrigation as a tool to promote climate smart agriculture for small farms

Sub-Theme 4: Micro Irrigation to Promote the Nexus "Water - Energy - Food"

  • Renewable energy in micro irrigation, facts and lessons
  • Promotion of green energy for sustainable micro irrigation projects
  • Unconventional water resources to develop sustainable drip irrigation projects
  • Solutions to cope with environmental risks

Sub-Theme 5: Digital Transformation for the Management of Micro-Irrigation

  • Contribution of Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to improve projects efficiency
  • Smart tools and solutions to control micro irrigation systems, increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Capacity buildings of farmers, operators and decision makers
  • Research input and technology transfer

Sub-Theme 6: International Coopération for the Developpement of Micro Irrigation

  • Sharing experiences of international cooperation
  • Perspectives for more advanced regional and international cooperation in the field of micro irrigation
  • Role of private sector in dissemination of digital solutions and technologies of micro irrigation at international level

Presentations: Plenary Session - I (25 January 2023)

Presentations: Session - II, Chair: Prof. Dr. Ragab Ragab, President, ICID (25 January 2023)

Presentations: Session - III (25 January 2023)

Presentations: Side Event (26 January 2023)

Presentations: Session - I (26 January 2023)

Presentations: Session - II (26 January 2023)



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