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Knowledge management encompasses the creation, generation, extraction, consolidation, compilation, synthesis, storage, packaging, and dissemination of data, information, knowledge, and know-how to the end-users as well as impact assessment of knowledge use through a feedback mechanism that completes the knowledge cycle. ICID has been continuously managing knowledge on various aspects of irrigation and drainage through its membership activities, interactions in various forums, and diverse partnerships.  All the data and information collected thus far and documented in ICID productions are currently stored and maintained under varying formats and at several locations. Information flows of NC’s research and outreach activities and that of ICID partners are yet to be mapped in a definitive form that makes them seamlessly integrated with ICID knowledge base and thus easily searchable and retrievable through ICID web site. 

ICID is developing an advanced searchable knowledge portal. This will help to develop a comprehensive, flexible, user-friendly, and subject-oriented multimedia knowledge base on water resources development and management with primary emphasis on ICID network productions and mandates as well as those of its members and partners. Public-domain knowledge objects of ICID members and other organizations or networks will be listed in the metadata directory of keywords and hyperlinked for ease of access. It is proposed that the available ICID knowledge will be re-structured (in the form of an irrigation and drainage subject matter), expanded (by adding new information and content or hyperlinks to it), and presented as a flexible source to suit varying requirements of a diverse audience.

Coming Soon: Knowledge Portal

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