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Multi-Lingual Technical Dictionary (MTD)

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The Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD) is an e-dictionary of all technical terms related to irrigation, drainage, flood management, environment, river training, and allied disciplines of the water sector. Any term/ definition can be printed/copied with the option to download/updates of terms from the ICID website. The MTD enriches the process of sharing and exchange of experiences and has proven to be highly useful for engineers, researchers, students, professionals, planners, designers, academics and all others related to the field of irrigation and drainage.  It is more helpful for professionals outside the water sector, in simplifying the technical jargon and to understand the sectoral nuances easily. 

As part of ICID's flagship activity, it was first published in English and French languages in 1967, the – 4th  edition of the MTD (English-French) was brought out on CD-ROM in the year 2002. Currently, we are following the 5th  edition released in 2009, which defines 9,370 technical terms in Chinese, Japanese and Russian, besides English and French. This online version of MTD is based on the 5th edition's DVD format. This version includes 9370 technical terms with matching English and French translation. The DVD version also includes terms collected in Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages with the active support received from respective National Committees. However, full integration with online versions has not taken place due to the difference in available translation editions/ versions. National Committees of Iran, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, and India are working on the translation/  updating part to match the present online version.

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