International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Intl. Res. Program for Irrig. and Drainage

International Research Program for Irrigation and Drainage (IRPID) is conceptualized as a program for developing and implementing research agenda in the irrigation and drainage sector to meet the challenges of water security and food security.

1. Vision “Intensify Irrigation and Drainage Research to Achieve Global Food Security”  

2. Mission To enhance research activities in irrigation and drainage science, technology, and management aspects in order to develop capabilities of member countries in order to achieve water security, food security and poverty alleviation while preserving the environment. 3. Objectives of the Program (a)  Foster a conducive policy environment for intensifying research and development activities, facilitate technology transfer and meet networking needs of members, (b)  Identify and promote opportunities for NCs to gain relevance, efficiency and effectiveness within their countries, (c)  Enhance research and innovations impacts in member countries by fostering increased coherence and convergence among various players, and (d)  Help NCs raise financial resources required to undertake these research activities.  More...

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