International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage




Organized Virtual 72nd IEC Meeting, 2021
Established Register of the World Irrigation and Drainage Schemes, 2021
Launched ICID e-Learning Platform in 2020 and Organized Courses on Dam Safety; and Micro Irrigation, 2021
Established Services Unit of ICID, 2019
Organized Virtual 71st IEC Meeting, 2020
Released ICID@70 Coffee Table Book, 2020
Launched New Website, 2020
Launched African Young Water Professionals eForum (Af-YWPeF), 2019
Launched World Water System Heritage Programme (WSH), 2018
Launched “A Roadmap to ICID Vision 2030”, 2017
Established ICID Webinar Services, 2017.


Renamed International Micro Irrigation Symposium as International Micro Irrigation Conference, 2015
Established ICID Young Professionals e-Forum (IYPeF), 2015
Released web version of the Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD), 2015
Organized First World Irrigation Forum (WIF1), 2013
Established Scheme for Recognition of Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS), 2013
Established Scholarships to Young Professionals, 2013
Micro Irrigation Congress renamed as International Micro Irrigation Symposium 2012
Direct Membership to Companies /Institutions and Individuals, 2012
Established World Irrigation and Drainage Prize, 2012
Elected to WWC Board of Governors, 2012
ICID e-Bulletin (English & French) started, 2012


Released MTD CD-ROM in multiple languages in 2010
Release Special Postal Cover on 60th Anniversary, 2009
Country Policy Support Program (CPSP), 2002-2007
Start of Best Paper Award, 2006
Best Performing WB and NC award, 2003
Released 1stEdition of MTD CD-ROM, 2001
Renamed ICID Journal as “Irrigation and Drainage”, 2001


Guidelines on Benchmarking, 2000
Release of Special Postal Cover on Diamond Jubilee Year, 2000
Launch of Website, 1999
Start of WATSAVE Awards 1998
ICID Journal started, 1995
Young Professional Forum (YPF) established, 1994
Global Water Saving/ Conservation Program initiated, 1993
Change of Logo, 1992


IPTRID started, 1990
ICID News Update started, 1990
Joint Publication with World Bank, 1989
Received UN Peace Messenger Award, 1987
ICID Newsletter started, 1986
First Worldwide Micro-Irrigation Survey, 1982
N.D. Gulhati Lecture started, 1981


First Irrigation and Drainage Workshop, Wageningen, 1978
Joint Publication with FAO, 1975
Release of Special Postal Cover on Silver Jubilee Year, 1975


Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD) released, 1967
Central Office building inaugurated by the then Vice President of India, Dr. Zakir Hussain, 1966


Irrigation and Drainage - A Global Review, the First Publication released, 1955
ICID Bulletin started, 1952
First Congress organized in New Delhi, India, 1951
Change of name as International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, 1951
First International Executive Council (IEC) meeting in Shimla, India, 1950
Established on 24 June 1950 as International Commission on Irrigation and Canals, with 11 founding member countries


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