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Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management

The Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management (IHLW) focuses on Research of the water cycle where water interacts with soil. The term "rural water management" has evolved from rural engineering in Austria and is now a key discipline of agricultural engineering and water management. It comprises the terms land improvement and water management.
Tasks and Competences: Soil-water-cycle; Soil-water-plant-atmosphere-continuum; Assessment of risks in land use; Vulnerability of rural regions e. g. due to conservation of soil and groundwater; Agricultural water management - irrigation and drainage; Knowledge transfer.

Methods: Lysimeter; Determination and monitoring; Sensor calibration and testing; Modelling and Simulation; Lab and field experiments

These and other fieids and methods are used for fundamental and applied research.

The Institute covers the topics rural water management, soil physics and hydraulics in the bachelor and master studies of agricultural engineering and water management (KTWW). It offers also courses in the master- studies water management and environmental engineering (WMEE), natural resources management and ecological engineering (NARMEE) and environmental sciences - soil, water and bio-diversity (ENVEURO)

Contact : Dipl.Ing. Dr. Peter Cepuder, Assistant Professor Dl Dr.

Address : Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna, Muthgasse 11, Staircase 2 Ground Floor

Telephone : +43 1 47654-81554, +43 664 1013828

Mobile : ~43 664 1013828

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