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The Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP), is a Premier Institution set up by the Government of India in the 1927. CBIP has been rendering dedicated services to the professional organizations, engineers and individuals in the country related to Power, Water Resources and Renewable Energy Sectors for more than eight decades. CBIP has grown into an eminent organization of international importance while serving the nation equally with great distinction. CBIP is Indian chapter for more than 10 international organizations related to Power & Water resources sectors (ISRM, IGS, INHA, CIGRE, IASH, IWRA, IAEGTD, NDC-WWC, TAI, INCOLD, SPE, etc.).

CBIP had been coordinating and monitoring R&D activities, assisting in specific case studies/problems, documentation and dissemination of the results/findings of Research Projects to the practising engineers under the Research Scheme on Power – (RSOP),  Research Scheme on River Valley Projects (RSRVP), Research Scheme on Flood Control (RSFC) and Research Scheme on Plasticulture Development (RSPD). Funds for Research Schemes under RSRVP and RSFC were provided by Ministry of Water Resources and for RSOP by Ministry of Power.

The Board publishes Technical Literature and journals including manuals, guidelines, specifications, etc., (related to the fields of Water Resources, Power and Renewable Energy Sectors). Till date about 1500 Technical publications have been brought out by CBIP. The manuals of CBIP are broadly refferred/quoted by the manufactures/utilities in the country and abroad.

CBIP has organised more than 1700 National and International Conferences on various advanced technologies.

Contact : Mr. A.K. Dinkar, Secretary

Address : Plot No.4, Institutional Area, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021

Telephone : +91-11-2611 5984/2688 2866/2410 1591

Mobile : +91 9810137864

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