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India Water Foundation (IWF) is a New Delhi-based civil society engaged in generating awareness among the people about water conservation, Health Prevention activities and keeping water, particularly the national rivers free from pollution, promoting rainwater-harvesting and other water related issues. Within a short span, IWF has been able to foster convergence between and among various departments / ministries in the water sector, spur Private sector in India about its corporate social responsibility with regard to environment and water, enhancing government-private sector interface in water sector working as knowledge partner with other civil societies in water sector and persuading Government of India to initiate dialogue with neighboring countries like China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar to resolve water-related issues.

Contact : Dr. Arvind Kumar, President

Address : Spaces, 17th Floor Max Towers, Sector 16B, DND Flyway Noida-201301, India

Telephone : +91120-518-5040

Mobile : +91-11-26349533

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