ICID News is an 8-page quarterly publication that includes brief invited technical articles and research papers of global relevance within the water sector as well as on topics related to irrigation, drainage, and flood management from eminent professionals, sector veterans within and outside the ICID fraternity. Every quarter, it covers the President's message. The concluding reports and outcomes of ICID's flagship events are also included in the publication. It also provides a space for commercial advertisements.

ICID News is posted on the ICID website periodically and is also available in printed versions from the central office in New Delhi, India and can be sent to all National committees, Office-bearers, international organizations and other interested individuals on request. For any contributions, kindly write to icid@icid.org

ICID News 2020 (3rd-4th Quarter)
  1. President's Message
  2. Exploring the Many Perspectives on Irrigation Efficiency
  3. Adaptation to Climate Change: Impact of Capacity Building, India
  4. Rethinking Water Policy Reforms
  5. Some Technical Aspects of the Ancient Sudarshan Dam in India
  6. ICID Recognized World Heritage Irrigation Structures (WHIS-2020)

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