International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage Commission Interationale des Irrigation et du Drainage

Water Use Charging Systems and Available Financing of Irrigation Development Country Case Studies
Author: Task Force on Financing Water for Agriculture (TF-FIN), ICID
Year: 2014,
Type: Special Publication, Format: Electronic
For successful completion of TF-FIN two issues were paramount: First, all task force members had to prepare papers on the country they are representing for the specific workshop topic per meeting. If a specific member was not interested or capable of preparing the paper, they were free or obliged to nominate a colleague from that country to do so. Second, the content of the paper for each topic must be informed by the questions which guide the activities of the Task Force. In this regard, the ICID Task Force on Financing Water for Agriculture (TF-FIN) was therefore established with the focus of gaining better understanding and insight of: (i) the required investments in agricultural water, and the beneficiaries of these investments, (ii) the presently available financing mechanisms and constraints for maintaining or improving physical irrigation capacity; and (iii) the expected changes and innovations for more appropriate financing mechanisms to enable sustainable water use for food production. Based on contributions by the members of the Task Force who actively participated, a final report consisting of 4 parts was completed.

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