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ICID has launched this web service to help water sector professionals and other stakeholders in locating required services, products and business information using the ICID website. This online service provides a platform to enlist all the services and products being provided by consultants, manufacturing companies, dealers, and other professional institutions dealing in the irrigation and drainage sector globally. The online service is totally FREE and can be availed of by any service provider by submitting the required information on the ICID website.

Information is listed/ collected in -

  •  Consultancy Services (Individuals/ Experts/ Freelancer; Company/ Organizations);
  • Companies / Manufacturers/ Dealers /Company/ Implementing Agency; Dealer/ Distributor/ Contractor; Manufacturer; Publisher; Software developers/ vendors);
  • Institutions (Academic Institutions; Farmer’s Associations; Funding Agencies; Government/ Non-Governmental Organizations/ Not for Profit Organizations; Research Institutions; Training Institutions);
  • International/UN Organizations;
  • Others


This is an Irrigation and Drainage related Products & Services directory of companies and organisations. In case your company/ organization deals in this area, please feel free to add your products and services for a wider reach.
Please note that inclusion in this products & services directory does not imply any endorsement by ICID.

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