Knowledge is a dialogue process, therefore it must flow in all possible directions. Another on-going ICID effort is to allow two-way knowledge interaction using virtual communication tools and e-Learning methodologies.  A series of “webinars” on emerging Agricultural Water Management topics and global water issues have become a regular feature with satisfactory participation from across the globe despite time-zone limitations of asynchronous seminar sessions in such conditions.  The webinar series provides an open global platform for discussions on varying topics with an international as well as national focus. 

ICID, under its policy to extend its knowledge dissemination wider, provides these services for its members in particular and wider irrigation and drainage community. The webinars are customized keeping in view the requirement of different professionals working in the Agricultural Water Management sector. 

Date: 1st July 2020, Time: 11.00 – 12:30 CET [14:30 Hours (Indian Standard Time)]

The objective of the Webinar is, on the one hand, the understanding of the most important aspects regarding salinity and the role that advanced soil management and irrigation techniques can play in ensuring food security in such areas; some of the key aspects of the discussion will be thus focused on the practice of irrigation with brackish or saline waters, as well as innovative approaches and solutions in managing them. On the other hand, aim of the Webinar is to propose cost-effective and suitable solutions for the amelioration of the given conditions, besides suggesting measures to enhance water productivity in these areas. The suggested approaches and measures are usually based on field trials conducted both under farmer’s field and research station experiences. The webinar includes very interesting presentations from eminent invited international speakers. For more...


S. No.  Topic Presenter (s) Institute Date
22 Dam and Network Safety Assurance Presented by Industry Stalwarts ICID and AF Academy  10 September 2020

Water Management in Saline Agriculture

Er. Felix B. Reinders, Mr. Jean Boroto, Dr. Marco Arcieri, Dr. R. Ragab, Dr. Dionysia Angeliki Lyra, and Dr. Mohamed Wahba International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and International Center for Bio-Saline Agriculture (ICBA) 1 July 2020
20 Agricultural Water Management Strategies In Changing Situation Eng. Felix Britz Reinders, President, ICID, Mr U.P. Singh, Secretary, (D/o WR, RD and GR)


24 June 2020
19 Role of Safety Standards and Land Subsidence in Sustainable Development and Management of Flood Prone Areas Prof. em. Bart Schultz, The Netherlands & President Hon. ICID Land and Water Development IHE-Delft, The Netherlands 19 May 2020
18 Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) Dr. TB.S. Rajput, India ICAR - Indian Agricultural Research Institute 28-Feb-20
17 Advanced Micro-irrigation Technology Prof. Yaohu Kang Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Beijing, China 29-Jul-19
16 Trends in Sustainable Agriculture Eng. Felix Reinders International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) 19-Mar-19
15 Crop Water Productivity in Afghanistan Er. Najumuddin Ministry Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock, Afghanistan 28-Feb-19
14 Open Source Geo-Spatial Tools and Mobile Device for Canal Network Digitization Er. Paavan Kumar Reddy Gollapalli Department of Irrigation & Command Area Development, Government of Telangana, India 14-Dec-18
13 Smart technology to reduce energy consumption for water spreading and pipe production in hose reel sprinkler irrigation Dr. Graziano Ghinassi; Sergio Sacchini Food and Forestry Systems (GESAAF), University of Florence, Italy; Expert Assistant (Italy) 05-Dec-18
12 Water and Heritage Henk van Schaik; Tino Mager ICOMOS Netherlands; TU Delft/Centre for Global Heritage and Development 14-Nov-18
11 Negotiations for Resolution of Transboundary Water Conflicts Hon Karlene Maywald ICE WaRM (International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management), Australia 01-Aug-18
10 Seamless Climate Service and Downscaling for Climate Change Adaptation Dr. Jaepil CHO APEC Climate Centre 05-Jul-18
9 Using System Rice Intensification to Increase Water Productivity in Nile Delta, Egypt Dr. Arnulfo Gonzalez-Meza; Ms. Sabah Khalifa Cultural Affairs- Middle East and North Africa (ICA-MENA), Egypt 13-Jun-18
8 Save Irrigation Water Using the Innovative Machine of Soil and Water Management for Rice Crop Cultivation (SWMR) Dr. Mohamed E. El-Hagarey Desert Research Center (DRC), Egypt 03-Apr-18
7 Water Accounting Dr.Yasir A. Mohamed UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands 05-Sep-17
6 Seminario web sobre El Marco de Contabilidad de Agua WA+ para la Gestión de Recursos Hídricos Dr. Gonzalo E. Espinoza IHE Delft, Netherlands 25-Jul-17
5 National Water Account: Australian Experience Dr Amgad Elmahdi Head of Water Resources Section, Australia 18-Jul-17
4 Planning for Irrigation Modernization – The MASSCOTE Approach Dr. Robina Wahaj Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Pakistan 05-Jul-17
3 Practical Benchmarking for Improving Performance of  Irrigation and Drainage Schemes Dr. Martin Burton Independent Consultant (UK) 07-Jun-17
2 Water Accounting and Audit Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) 03-Apr-17
1 Water Use Efficiency Er. Felix Reinders; Dr. Chris Perry International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID); Independent Consultant (UK) 01-Mar-17

Corporate / Institutional
Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP), India
India Water Foundation, India
WAPCOS Limited, India
Ningbo Yaofeng Hydraulic Electrics Co., Ltd., China
Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management, Austria
Agriculture Growth of Rural India, India
Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA), India
Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates